Our Leading Virtual Team program is designed to understand and apply techniques to build cohesive virtual teams and improve collaboration in the team.The team is virtual, but the people in that team are real. They have real hopes and fears, ambitions and interests; knowledge and skill needs and—maybe most importantly—communications needs. And therefore it is essential to understand importance of Leading Virtual Teams in order to ensure collaboration and engagement in team.

Program Investment - USD 180 / INR 12000 For Early Bird 10% Off

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  • 23rd- 24th July 2020
  • 10:00am to 1:00pm
  • Virtual Teams : Understanding the Concept; Unique Challenges
  • Competencies for a virtual workplace
  • Virtual Team Framework: understanding the framework and its application.
  • Effective Communication and Collaboration – Barriers and Solutions
  • Understand what a virtual team is and the challenges faced in leading a virtual team.
  • Apply learnings and experience virtual communication
  • Identify the competencies required by a Leader
  • Identify Barriers and Issues to communicating in a virtual team
  • Identify and review the practices and solutions to address these issues
  • Build cohesive virtual teams using the virtual team framework
  • Improved communication, cooperation and collaboration
  • Improved team working
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved competence in operating within the virtual environment
  • Improved working relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Stronger, clearer leadership of virtual teams.

2 days Virtual Training Program


Facilitator, Executive Coach 

Vivek’s L/D – OD expertise covers a diverse set of areas for Senior-Top Management like Leadership Development Programs, Executive Coaching, Developing Coaches, Train the Trainer, Building and Motivating Teams to achieve business results and much more.

Mid and Senior Level Managers