The long term strategy is dead, It is the age of the sprint

With the unrelenting pace of change and competition today, clear Strategic thinking is more important than ever.

We were used to developing long-term business strategies spanning over years and make significant investments in planning long-term. However, the business environment now has become too dynamic and disruptive to continue to define strategies that will work for the marathon run. While big-picture macro view is important, planning in detail too far into the future is becoming increasingly wasteful requiring frequent rework.

We now need an agile approach to Strategy that will make us successful in a SPRINT run with a much shorter time horizon. And then we plan to keep running in a sustainable way – SPRINT at a time. This is the time of this SPRINT strategy approach, where the fastest to define, quickest to test, quickest to make course corrections and test again, will keep winning the race.

In this program, we will share the elements of the mindset required to move with agility through the perpetual VUCA world and to keep the start-up thinking alive even in Built-to-Last companies. Leaders will learn how to be able to change the Strategies frequently and yet stay in control to keep winning.

Program Investment - INR 1,499 +18%GST For Early Bird 10% Off

(Register 2 days prior to the program)

  • 17 Nov 2020
  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Context Setting

  • Link between Leadership and Strategy
  • Alignment of Vision, Business Objectives, and Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Agility

  • Environment Intelligence (PESTLE)
  • Lean Process
  • SPRINT Planning and Execution

Strategy Development

  • Techniques / Models for developing strategy – Strategy Canvas, Ansoff, BCG
  • Strategy Selection using Decision Grid

Strategy Execution

  • SPRINT progress tracking – Kanban
  • Planning for Next SPRINT
  • Improvement in the Strategic Agility of the Leaders to respond to on-going changes in the business landscape
  • Improvement in the understanding of Strategy Development tools in the Leaders
  • Behaviours / actions that help in developing Strategic Agility
  • SPRINT approach for Strategy Planning
  • Strategy Development tools – Strategy Canvas, Ansoff Matrix, BCG Matrix
  • Strategy Selection method – Decision Grid

180 Minutes workshop


CEO Consultant, Coach and Facilitator

Vibhas is adept at facilitating Organizational Change & Transformation and Leadership Development programs for senior and top management levels.

He specializes in facilitating workshops for evolving Strategies aligned to the Vision and Business objectives.

Mid and Senior Level Managers.