Building Collabotation and Trust in uncertain Times

With the ratio of negative to positive reportings in the media at 21:1, what would a normal person conclude? “Most life is bad. Can’t Trust Anyone These Days!”

Coincidentally, as trust on institutions and corporations has taken a severe beating in the last couple of decades, this schema has gained more traction and validation. However, there is a proverbial silver lining to this seemingly dark cloud. People have leveraged technology to collaborate and co-create platforms where trust has not only survived but flourished. These distributed platforms are transparent, inclusive, and decentralised; people hold each other accountable, and there is a sense of ownership that goes bottom-up instead of top-down.

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  • 13 Oct 2020
  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Learn from distributed platforms to reclaim the trust especially in the times of uncertainty.
  • Discuss how to foster connection and collaboration between people.
  • Framework for Building Trust.
  • Tools for promoting connection and collaboration.
  • Assessment of our current personality traits and how can we unlearn some aspects that come in the way and learn how to flex our thinking and behaviour styles to enhance collaboration and trust.

180 Minutes workshop


Facilitator and Coach

Manish is adept at facilitating in the areas of Leadership, Strategic Thinking and Decision Making, Executive Coaching & Mentoring, Leading and Navigating Change, Executive Presence, High Impact Influencing, Negotiations, and Presentations, Leveraging Conflict, Coaching & Mentoring, Building Inspired and Motivated Teams, Consultative Selling, Building Commercial Acumen, and Leveraging Neuroscience and Human Evolution to Shift Mindsets.

Mid and Senior Level Managers.