It’s a jungle out there, and the fittest will survive. This adage stands true to the business world too except it reads like this” It’s a buyer’s market out there and only the most obsessed about customer success will survive.

It is a researched fact that it is already difficult for businesses to keep customers loyal beyond 2 years thus losing on the customer lifetime value. The pandemic has only made it worse, with customers changing their purchase priorities, being open for options, and ready to wait for better buying opportunity.

It is also the emergence of the new age customer. She is well-informed, technologically savvy, socially connected, ready to let go of brands for better experiences. Most businesses and their leaders are just not equipped enough to engage with her. In this program we will explore the expectations of this new age customer and discuss strategies to create relevance and attraction towards our brand in the mind of this customer.

Program Investment - INR 1,499 +18%GST For Early Bird 10% Off

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  • 19 Jan 2021
  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

In this program we will examine the lessons learnt and how we can help leaders to lead and navigate their organizations in the increasingly competitive business environment of the coming decade.

Discuss the profile of this new age customer, his expectations and are we ready for her

Discuss engagement strategies to build connect and loyalty with this new age customer

  • Focusing on the Human
  • Focusing on the Purpose
  • Focusing on the Customer participation
  • Human Value Compass
  • Designing with Empathy
  • Customer Experience Components

180 Minutes workshop



Sushil is adept at Training leaders, managers and frontlines on leadership, managerial effectiveness, role-based competencies, personal effectiveness, sales and client relationship. He is an effective Group Process Facilitator helping organizations have meaningful change conversations.

Mid and Senior Level Managers.