There are some people whose presence is noticed in ways even when they don’t speak or act. Executive presence is now counted as one of the essential competencies required for successful Leaders. This program will lead to incremental progress in your journey of developing Executive Presence by sharing the required ingredients and the recipe.

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  • 29th January 2021 -
  • 30th January 2021
Strong Leaders at all levels within an organization are critical for achieving business success. Individuals who take up the Leadership role for the first time are as important as those who are experienced. Being promoted to a Management position is exciting but it can be challenging as it takes time to establish own-self as a strong but approachable Leader and manage team effectively. When you become a Manager, everything about your job needs to change- your skill set, nature of work relationships, your understanding of what “work” is, and how you see yourself and your organization.


  • Role of Manager:
  • Responsibilities of a Manager
  • Understanding the implications of transitioning from being Individual Contributor toManager of People
  • Working on Self

  • Emotional Control
  • Empathy
  • Building Trust
  • Inclusive thinking
  • Stakeholder Management

  • Stakeholder Identification
  • Stakeholder Analysis including communication needs
  • Stakeholder Expectation management
  • Working through People

  • Work Allocation
  • Using Skill-will matrix,Effective Delegation
  • Strengths based approach
  • Prioritization of work
  • Planning and Tracking work
  • Conflict Management

  • What is Conflict, Sources of Conflict
  • Approaches to deal with Conflict
  • Attitudes and skills required to deal with Conflict
  • Decision Making

  • Decision Making Process
  • Understanding and avoiding bias
  • Developing People

  • Setting Objectives, Tracking Performance, Giving Feedback
  • Understanding what motivates People
  • Creating work environment that fosters Motivation
First Time Leaders across all functions
At the end of the program, participants would be able to
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a Manager
  • Know the changes to be done for effective transition from being Individual contributor to being Manager
  • Learn process and techniques for Stakeholder Management
  • Understand techniques to develop people
  • Learn few approaches to deal with Conflict effectively
Create an action plan to enhance their own Executive presence
  • Manoj is adept at facilitating Organizational Change & Transformation, Managerial Development for middle management teams
  • He has worked with the middle and top management of IT companies to help develop Effective managers and future leaders.
  • As a HR consultant: Manoj has worked very closely with some of the biggest names in the IT sector in particular over the past decade, transforming their HR systems systematically.
  • As a IT Expert:

  • Manoj has implemented ERP systems.
  • He has been responsible for SAP R/3 HRMIS implementation across multiple countries for large Org.

Fitness Expert:

  • Manoj is Marathoner and Randonneur
  • He has conducted talks and guidance on Fitness and Wellness for many Organizations