Design Thinking Expert Facilitator, Business Consulting in Change Management, Culture Change initiatives, Project Management, Leadership Development.

Work Specialization

Yasmin is proficient at facilitation using the Design Thinking Methodology to lead and facilitate change management programmes for decision makers within an organization. She comes with a rich consulting experience and working with leadership teams in various sectors and is the right person for delivering complex change programmes and initiatives for an organization.

As a Design Thinking Expert: Yasmin can help decision makers and leaders to further their Innovation agenda by facilitating Design Thinking programmes and supporting the institutionalization of Design Thinking as a way of working. She can also run facilitation workshops using the Design Thinking Methodology to help solve complex business problems or change management initiatives and projects which could reduce project delivery timelines and avoid cost overruns.

As a Consultant: Yasmin can entrench herself in projects or initiatives to relook at the problem statements, existing processes, changes needed and creating new processes. This would ensure a successful project delivery through various initiatives like process alignment, needs analysis of employee skills at all levels, leadership workshops and learning workshops for middle management which would help glue together new behaviours and long term effectiveness.


Yasmin brings with her a total experience of 18 years in 10 different sectors where she has worked on successful pilot projects or delivered change management initiatives as an employee or as a consultant.

Associations: Yasmin has been associated with Capgemini Consulting, AstraZeneca Pharma, Tata Telecom, ABN Amro Bank, Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa, Mitcon Consulting and served in sectors like IT, ITES, Pharma, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Aviation, Government, Education, Retail, Banking and Telecom.

International Exposure: Yasmin has delivered projects for leadership teams from UK, USA, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, APAC region and has the ability to quickly understand the expectations and brief provided by leaders.


Facilitation using Design Thinking Principles with Matt & Gail Taylor, USA (MG Taylor Methodology) and Learning Facilitator Certification from LHC, Switzerland

Academic Qualifications

Yasmin has Bachelors in Psychology & English Literature.


Yasmin is a true believer of Servant Leadership and imbibes this in her life, however, don’t expect Yasmin to maintain the status quo – she thrives on changing the world around her, by shaping and communicating a vision she believes in and challenging stakeholders to achieve it. Yasmin powers strategic thinking through interconnected ideas in a deliberative manner that yields a strong basis for change – what most executives seek from a consummate change leader to enable their strategies. Yasmin’s ability to effect change programs are reinforced by her understanding and use of the Design Thinking Methodology to facilitate and support transformation journeys. Her ability to facilitate client mindshare across such transformation journeys establishes Yasmin as a mature change leader who can lead significant outcomes for those she chooses to work with.

Awards & Recognitions

Fast track promotions and recognition owing to excellence in performance starting from her first job at ABN Amro Bank and continued throughout all her other stints. Her ability to quickly understand strategic agendas helped her become the person to go to in times of change, crisis or expansion projects.

Yasmin was awarded various certifications throughout her career for learning initiatives and was also presented an award at Tata Business Services for a Six Sigma Communication Project which she envisioned and delivered singlehandedly. This project was launched in Mumbai as a pilot and then successfully run simultaneously at all 7 Centres in India to educate employees on Six Sigma and its translation into their day to day deliverables.