Strong Leaders at all levels (first time leader to executive leader) within an organization are critical for achieving business success.

Individuals who take up the Leadership role for the first time are as important as those who are experienced. Being promoted to a Management position is exciting but it can be challenging as it takes time to establish own-self as a strong but approachable Leader and manage team effectively. When you become a Manager, everything about your job needs to change- your skill set, nature of work relationships, your understanding of what “work” is, and how you see yourself and your organization. This program is crafted to provide the the tools and techniques for an effective transition from being an individual contributor to a people manager.

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    Learning Objectives

    • Understand the role and responsibilities of a Manager
    • Know the changesto be done for effective transition from being Individualcontributor to being Manager
    • Learn process and techniques for Stakeholder Management
    • Understand techniques to develop people
    • Learn few approaches to deal with Conflict effectively

    Highlights of the Program


    • Self-Awareness” as the foundational source of learning and growth
    • Implications of transitioning from an 3. Individual contributor to a manager of people Understanding people (belief, values, empathy)

      Achieving Results

    • Effective delegation, capitalizing on strengths and stakeholder management
    • Manage internal resources to increase productivity
    • Build skills for Conflict Management

      Nurturing and Inspiring People

    • Create learning and development plans for the team to build skills
    • Create a healthy and inclusive work environment
    • Understand what motivates people (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs)

    Outcome of this Program

    • The New Managers develop an understanding of their new role and the changes they need to implement to be successful in the transition from being an individual contributor.
    • The New Managers are equipped with the essential skills and attitudes required for being effective in People Management.


    2 Days to 5 Days

    Who should attend

    Mid level
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