Wholesome Leadership Program launching on 21-October-2021

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Pragati Leadership

Developing future ready leaders who co-create profitable, sustainable and joyful businesses with our leadership training solutions.

  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Developing Collaboration
  • Capability Building

Leadership Development

We work on the development of Leaders at all levels - entry to the top. Our Leadership solutions are crafted to the specific needs and contexts of each Organization. In addition we also offer our own recommended solutions. The solutions can be designed for short term needs as well as long-term journeys to build leadership pipeline.

Organizational Transformation

We catalyze systemic change in Organizations through building alignment around Vision, Mission and Values, changing culture and developing the capacity of internal coaches, trainers and i-Catalysts.

Developing Collaboration

We enable individuals and teams to work together in a truly collaborative, appreciative, open and creative way. This can be for a single team cohesion building, cross-team collaboration enhancement and also for bringing bonding & alignment in the Top leadership team.

Capability Building

Pragati Leadership’s expertise to deliver high impact capability building programs will enable you to have a one-stop solution for all your Annual Learning needs.

CoachMantra TM

CoachMantraTM is an exclusive brand focussed on offering unique coaching solutions to Top talent, Women Leaders, Next-Gen Businesses and Start-Ups. We have a unique approach that builds on global coaching best-practices and adds insightful self-analysis and self-mastery to create lasting impact.

Our Leadership Team

  • Arun Wakhlu | Founder, Director and Chairperson | Pragati Leadership
    Leadership is the process of co-creating life-supporting futures that benefit all people, including the environment. It is about discovering and reclaiming the innate wholeness in ourselves and in the world; listening to how this wholeness is calling us to serve, obeying this calling through joyful action, and creating a space for others to do the same. It is about enabling others to bring forward their gifts in service to Life, together with others in a compassionate and caring community.
    Arun Wakhlu
    Founder Director, Chief Mentor
    Consultant, Coach and Facilitator
  • Anu Wakhlu | Chairperson and Director Consultant | Pragati Leadership
    Leadership is about bringing in positive change for the future. It is igniting hope and optimism among your team while keeping your vision sky-high.
    Anu Wakhlu
    Chairperson and Director
    Consultant, Coach and Facilitator
  • Vibhas Joshi | CEO Consultant | Pragati Leadership
    I follow Max Landsberg's simple and powerful definition of Leadership - a product of Vision, Inspiration and Momentum. A Leader provides Direction through the Vision/Goals, Inspires others to sign up for the Vision and ensures that the required Momentum is provided for successful implementation of the Vision at all levels of the Organization.
    Vibhas Joshi
    Consultant, Coach and Facilitator
  • Manish Gupta | Consultant, Coach and Facilitator | Pragati Leadership
    Leadership is akin to looking at the world through a bifocal lens. One needs to look at the next moment, the next day, the next month, and the next quarter to ensure that people are productively and creatively engaged. Leaders should ensure that the wheels of all key business drivers are in sync and produce extraordinary results. It's imperative that we invest in developing human capital of exceptional skills and mindsets. Also, it's necessary to ensure that the wheels of key business drivers build agility and momentum for a better future.
    Manish Gupta
    Consultant, Coach and Facilitator
  • Krishnendu Sen | Pragati Leadership
    Leadership is that magical element in an organization that transforms organizational talent into a winning team, which achieves desired business outcomes.
    Krishnendu Sen
    Head of Sales & Marketing

Who We Are

For organizations aspiring to achieve breakthrough results, Pragati

Leadership training

program offers powerful learning solutions to accelerate leadership effectiveness and talent performance at all levels.

For more than three decades, we have been partnering with our clients to create engaged and productive/effective workplaces through our agile and highly customised solutioning approach.

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Success Stories

Enjoying Challenges Together
Raise the performance bar by improving on quality and delivery standards. Have an approach of looking at issues as opportunities for improvement. To be able to provide timely and quality service to the production team and to improve their self- confidence and motivation.
Bonding for Greatness
The need was to conduct a team building training program for developing managerial excellence for the senior managers.
Creating a Synergistic Environment in the Organization
Need to create a unified team, innovation and stay open to change There was also a need to make the two teams feel equally valued and honoured in the system.
Creating a Cohesive Working Environment
The need was to create a culture of “Can Do”spirit and being Impactful while maintaining healthy Competition at the workplace. They wanted to move forward to a world class system in the subsequent 6 months.
Developing Healthy Relationships at the Workplace
The need was to train the internal trainers and create a 'Train the Trainer' module to train the Heads and Section Heads and in turn to equip them to train supervisors and line engineers for meaningful dialogues in the workforce.

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