Moving from an Ego System of business to an Eco System of sustainable business excellence.

Pragati Leadership’s work over the course of over three decades has made us aware that no perfect leadership style exists. However, an effective model is crucial to sustainability and excellence.

Wholesome Leadership is an interactive 90-day Leadership Development program that supports sustainable business excellence and quality of life. Balancing both elements with awareness and care about our environment as well.

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Wholesome Leadership

What is

Wholesome Leadership

Wholesome Leadership is defined as Leadership that arises when one is being one’s whole self. It is standing up and acting for what has meaning and heart for oneself in a way that inspires others to follow. It is leadership by love for the unfolding of peoples’ fullest potential. It is leadership that is guided by love and executes actions with consummate skill. It marries the head, heart, and hands.

The role of a wholesome leader requires constant balancing between opposing polarities. His or her attention has to be on both ends in order to move forward.

Wholesome Leadership Program

A Wholesome leader is:

Wholesome Leadership Vision

Someone who has a vision that works for all.

Wholesome Leadership Focus

Who knows how to balance focusing on profits and larger vision.

Wholesome Leadership Engage

Who is self-aware, ethical and creates a joyful and engaging environment at work.

Wholesome Leadership Growth

Creates value for all the stakeholders along with keeping the business growth in mind.

Nine Actionable Benefits of the

Wholesome Leadership Program

A greater sense of peace and composure, especially in challenging work situations.
Increased energy levels and health (essential in hyper-paced work environments).
Increased creativity and innovation towards problem-solving and strategic thinking.
Increased creativity and innovation towards problem-solving and strategic thinking.
Alignment and achievement of your full inner potential for leadership and life.
Alignment and achievement of your full inner potential for leadership and life.
Better and more meaningful working relationships amongst all stakeholders.
Enhanced Integrity towards all stakeholders and organizational goals.
Higher levels of inner inspiration and enhanced abilities to inspire others through example instead of compulsion.
Ability to balance the extremes of work-life and clarity on the challenges of work-life balance
A better understanding of systems changes: to inspire people, improve the environment, and create change that benefits society as a whole.
Your Facilitator for the Course

Arun Wakhlu

Arun Wakhlu

Founder Director, and Chief Mentor

Pragati Leadership Institute

Pragati Leaders

Our Board of Directors, select facilitators and consultants, with a wide range of experience across an array of industries, and a core team of experts each bring to the table unique qualities that complete the Pragati Leadership vision & mission. We have in our midst, individuals with multiple doctorates, experience at the CXO level, subject matter, and corporate experts. Members of our organization’s fraternity are certified in specific subjects, making them niche experts. Together they form a group of masters who have consistently delivered Pragati Leadership’s wide array of unique & customized products for 30+ years.

What are the highlights of the

Wholesome Leadership Program?

Learning Journey

2 Months Learning Journey Comprising of 6 Modules and Group Coaching Sessions in between the module

Self learning

Self-learning Session on Digital Platform - Ruzuku along with Pre-reads, Learning Project, and Action Reflection

Live Session

Live Session on Zoom Call


Pre and Post Assessment and Certification
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Wholesome leadership

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Wholesome leadership

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Client Testimonials

Akshay Gujarathi

Deputy General Manager
Lear Corporation

Program Details


Per Participant
Total Amount 36,000 + 18% gst
Introductory Offer 27,000 + 18% gst
Start date 21 October, 2021


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