Finding The Key

Finding the Key

These are leadership stories of individuals who come up against the need for change in how they do business. They may already be successful and respected leaders, or they may be young business leaders with great potential. The through-line is that they hear the call of something better than the norm – and they heed that call.

Time & Life Management

We often wonder what the key to effectiveness and productivity is. Undoubtedly Time Management figures at the top of the list. Managing time is a larger issue than it seems. The very core of Time Mangement is in fact Life Management. A deeper look reveals that the whole game is in fact self-mastery and in living joyfully Here and Now.The promise of this ‘Experience Book’ is that it will alter the way you look at life and unfold effectiveness and powerful results.

Time & Life Management
Time & Life Management

Looking Beyond…
Being one with life

Targets, deadlines, competition, etc. frighten us all. Expectations and the ever mounting demands and pressures from seniors, family, juniors, colleagues too sometimes become too much to handle. How do you deal with such pressures? Succumb to the stress or take steps to handle it? Looking Beyond… Being one with life is a book that addresses the challenges of fighting the rising levels of world-weariness, stress and frustration in our lives. Advocating a new and holistic paradigm that shows how we can bring joy and meaning to our lives. These lessons connect and unify all elements of your life – personal and professional. Featuring stories from real life with a bit of salt and a dash of pepper to get you thinking and doing!

Managing from heart

This book addresses the challenge of combating the growing levels of stress, disenchantment and frustration among people at work. The book, advocates a new and holistic paradigm that synthesizes ancient wisdom with modern principles of management.

One Wholesome World

Our identification with limited notions of who we are is at the roots of the present global crisis. We have forgotten our intrinsic Wholeness. The time has now come for a new paradigm of development. When we awaken to wholeness and live and work from a space of love, creative intelligence, freedom, and peace; we become instrumental in manifesting joy, peace, and abundance in our life and in the collective. This astonishingly simple and universally accessible discovery will transform lives in miraculous ways.

Tips and Templates for Managerial Effectiveness

This book contains practical and proven Tips and Templates for being successful as a Manager. It is concise and crisp collection of powerful do’s and don’ts on topics that include Stakeholder management, Time management, Planning and tracking work, Decision making, Managing meetings, Dealing with VUCA, Giving and receiving feedback and several more. Anytime you need some guidance on any of the topics covered, use this book as your pocket Mentor.

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