International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Half of the Sky and All of the Inspiration

This Women’s Day, give your women team members the gift of inspiration.

International Women's Day

Inspiring, trailblazing women are not an optional nice-to-have but an integral part of any successful business. This women’s day, Pragati Leadership helps you celebrate and further empower the women in your team with a bouquet of programs and sessions that help participants hone leadership skills, develop their personal leadership style and mission, and also have fun while balancing work and everything else in life.

More than just routine management development sessions, these interventions enable participants to tap into their inner resources of strength and insight and take their success stories – and your organization’s – to the next level.

Aspire: A Leadership Program for Women

A supportive forum and platform for your most promising women employees to learn to address unique challenges women face in their leadership journeys as well as universal essentials of leadership development, including decision making, influencing and networking skills. This intervention is designed to make a quantifiable difference in the uptake of women employees into middle and higher management in an organization.

Stress Management

Few things erode our physical and mental wellbeing more insidiously than that ever-present background hum of modern life: stress. Our intervention is a deep dive into this subject, with modules on major causes of workplace stress, recognizing the symptoms of stress, and a thorough, practical grounding in stress and time management. A wealth of techniques are modeled through relatable scenarios and participants will be guided through healthy coping techniques and building a support system at work to eliminate stress.

Creating A Personal Brand

We all know the importance of branding in selling products and services; personal branding is an equally powerful building block for a successful business leader. This intervention helps women in the professional world set their own expectations and manage how they are perceived. By understanding how the world sees oneself, how one can optimize and shape that perception, and how to build and nurture a personal brand, participants learn to cut through the clutter and communicate, network, and lead more effectively.

The XX Factor

A broad-based workshop on developing leadership skills for women, The XX Factor comprises several mini-modules that add up to a toolkit for the inspiring, successful professional. These include sessions on executive excellence, growing a career, impactful communication, developing executive presence, networking and more.

Finally, we have some shorter, fun interventions with lifelong learnings

Inclusive Leadership through Mocktail Making

The importance of diversity and inclusion is brought to life through the lens of a mocktail making activity.

Unleashing Creativity through Music and Movement

We are all creative beings. By tapping into our universal physical connect with music, this session awakens participants’ joyous improvisational, creative side.

Ashtabhuja: the multitasker

Women are often expected to play a multitude of roles in life - to be the eight-handed goddess of myth! This interactive session imparts the skills needed to prioritize, multitask, manage expectations, deputize, and deliver on expectations without burning out.

Our Program

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