Conflict Management


Understand and respond constructively to individual as well as organizational conflicts.

Conflict Management will provide you clarity on the concepts related to Conflict and add to your Leadership toolkit a few very powerful approaches for conflict resolution.

Learning Objectives

Understand how conflicts originate

Know the various approaches for Conflict resolution and their application in day to day working with Stakeholders

Learn and practice skills of handling conflicts for optimum results

Program Highlights


Importance of resolving conflicts at the workplace for Leaders


Sources of Conflict: Factors leading to conflict


Gaining practice through workplace scenarios


Dealing with conflict: Attitudes and skills required, conflict resolution among stakeholders


Engineer systemic plans and strategies to resolve team conflicts (Action Planning)


Business Writing Skills: understanding importance, elements and techniques of business writing.

Outcome of This Program

Reduction in the number of escalations from Conflicts.

Change in the outlook of Leaders to start viewing Conflict as natural and healthy for the Prganization.

Improvement in the ability of Leaders to systematically resolve conflicts and maintain relationships.


1 Day

Who should attend

All Levels

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