About Pragati Leadership

Our Story

Our aim is to create high-performing organizations, aligned cultures, and effective workplaces through wholesome leadership.

Founded in 1988, Pragati Leadership grew out of the founders, Arun and Anu Wakhlu’s vision to create work environments and organizations that encourage individuals to harness their true inner potential for their work.

At the time, this was a revolutionary concept since the prevalent industry practice was to view people as resources to generate output or complete tasks. We have refined our distinctive approach over the years to offer a balanced combination of working with people’s inner potential and facilitators like procedures, practices, models, and tools. Arun and Anu have both worked with top management of businesses to assist them in creating or recreating organizational DNA in order to align their businesses with their mission and vision.

Why Pragati Leadership

Pragati Leadership interventions encourage collaboration, growth strategies, and cultural transformation.

  • Pragati Leadership came into existence in the year 1988. Through these 30 years, we have developed and mentored thousands of people and organizations.
  • Having worked with leaders across various industries, Pragati Leadership’s unique programs and interventions have proved to be successful in maximizing the potential of organizations and individuals.
  • Initiatives by Pragati Leadership have encouraged collaboration, growth strategies, and cultural transformation.
  • We design our strategy programs to accelerate organizational execution by focusing on leadership, culture, organizational structure, and competencies.
  • It is our unique approach to leadership development that enables us to transform individuals and organizations.
  • As a nationwide organization, we have offices in Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Chennai. Additionally, our leadership programs have contributed to organization growth in over 30 countries.

Our Philosophy

Through the lens of our leadership interventions, we assist leaders to look beyond the financial bottom line.

Our philosophy is aligned with the Quadruple Bottom Line of Purpose, People, Planet, and Profit.

Our customized training interventions enable leaders to realize their commercial objectives along with a clear purpose for community well being and sustainability. For hundreds of years, the sole need for an organization to succeed was above-average profit maximization. Although this is still a requirement for an efficient organization, it is no longer the only one. Companies are now being held accountable for outcomes other than monetary returns. Through our leadership interventions we assist leaders to look beyond the financial bottom line. Our methodology integrates eastern mysticism and methodical thinking. We use a hands-on approach to leadership development that results in quantifiable improvements in leadership capabilities.


Our vision is for Pragati Leadership to be the channel for unfolding Wholesome leadership in the world in order to create a better world for each one of us, including the people we touch through our work. We want to play a significant role in the unfolding of wholeness. Joy, Peace, and Abundance on the planet!


Pragati Leadership was born out of the desire to create an organization that creates a platform enabling clients to operate at their highest levels of productivity while at the same time becoming the best human beings they can be. The concept was that anything we do for our clients is something we also do in our personal lives and at work.

  • Self-mastery
  • Integrity
  • Customer centricity
  • Passionate ownership
  • Collaboration


For organizations aspiring to achieve breakthrough results and to thrive sustainably, Pragati Leadership offers powerful, customized learning solutions to enhance the effectiveness of Leaders and the performance of Talent. As a professional services company with a rich experience of several decades and an inspired team, we co-create our solutions with our customers, serving as trusted partners. Our solutions are aimed at unfolding the inner potential of people, and implementing enabling models, processes, and tools.

Our Anthem

Working from our strengths
Serving joyfully from the heart
Evolving Wholesome Leaders
That are a class apart
With ease and grace,
On a playful course
Drawing inspiration
From the source
Co-creating a world of light
Serving customers to delight
Thriving as a community
Pragati Leadership . . .
Here change begins
with ME …..

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