Bonding for GreatnessTM


Bonding For GreatnessTM team building training will help in collaboration, efficiency and aligned teams focused on achieving common goals.

In current corporate world, the demand for everything being faster, better and cheaper is increasing. Organizations grapple with attracting, retaining and developing a workforce that can meet the challenges of this ever unfolding reality. The length and width of the organizations spread across grographies in multi cultural environment make it clear that teams working together in collaboration and cohesive manner has become crucial and challenging.


Trust through mindful communication; Culture of Trust and Teamwork

Book of Life, How to create mindfulness and Meditation

Visioning Exercise, How to be truthful and caring at the same time, Attitudes in Excellence

Building Great Team, Non-Violent Communication, developing Trust, Commitment

Learning Objectives


With Team Building training, communicate openly and honestly with each other to resolve conflicts.


Identify must-win battles for the organization and co-create a cohesive plan towards winning them.

Team learning

Channelize energies towards realising larger organizational goals through collaboration.

Managing and Engaging with Empathy

Get to know each other and bond as a team.


Enhanced as unified, efficient and aligned high performance team focused towards achieving common goals.

Have clarity on defined roles with clear ownership

Create shared vision to align on key business priorities.

Learn to think and act as one unified team

Create an environment that fosters accountability, trust and customer centric breakthrough innovation


2 Days

Who should attend

Senior level

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