Sharada Sunder


Work Specialization

Sharada is adept in the areas of Leadership, Strategic Thinking and Decision Making, Execution Excellence, Managing Conflicts, Leading and Navigating Change, Executive Presence, Coaching & Mentoring, Building Inspired and Motivated Teams, Creativity for excellence, using NLP to shift Behavior and Mindsets.

As a Facilitator

Sharada leverages her 25 years of corporate experience across areas like Business Strategy, Consumer Insight & Engagement, Goal Setting and Execution, Financial Management, Business fortification, Team building & Coaching, Creativity & Innovation.  Having led large and diverse teams and businesses she is able to share numerous inter-disciplinary examples of live business and people situations in any given client context.

This allows her to connect with the audience extremely well, enliven the sessions, customize and contextualize the content, and improve understanding and retention of the concepts. Her interest in both conceptual and behavioral aspects allows her to look at a wholistic approach to leadership. 

As an Executive Coach

Sharada is able to leverage her experience of leading large and diverse teams and businesses, handling complex people and dynamic business situations, her natural flair for objective mentoring, her purpose to serve others to become their best versions, and her listening and questioning skills in executive coaching.


  • Master Diploma in Training & facilitation
  • NLP Master Practitioner

Work Experience

Over 25 years of experience in leadership roles in corporate.  Her last corporate assignment was leading the regional entertainment business for a major Media and Entertainment Company.

She has facilitated workshops at mid to senior levels for 10+ corporate clients across a diverse set of industries.

Sectors Served

Construction and Engineering, Healthcare, Ed & EdTech, Media, Financial Services, Travel, Consumer Services, Consulting, Manufacturing

Customers Served

Sharada has facilitated programs in companies like Thyssenkrup, Jaslok, Sony, Villa Escape, ICAI, Upgrad, Unitile, Grohe, Molips, MFA and others

Academic Qualifications

  • Chartered Accountant from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  • Com from Mumbai university


Sharada is friendly, helpful, curious. She likes to write, sing and travel. She believes in living an inspiring life, lived to the full. She is in a continuous state of unlearning, learning and relearning and absorbs deep insights from life. Her creative side finds expression in her poems and paintings. She is a published author of three collections of poems titled the Illegitimate Tree (2010), the Silver Sparrow (2018) and Poetry in a Pandemic (2020).

She blogs at Heartfelt Expressions of Life. Sharada is a trained classical dancer and singer. She dedicates a couple of hours every weekend to help other women achieve their dream of singing.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Annual awards of best performing brands at Zee.
  • Impact’s ‘50 Most Influential Women’ in Marketing, Media and Advertising , 2015

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