How wholesome is my life?

… A guide to reclaiming Wholesomeness

How wholesome is my life?

“You ought not to attempt to cure the eyes without the head or the head without the body, so neither ought you attempt to cure the body without the soul… for the part can never be well unless the whole is well.”

~ Plato

What is

Wholesome Life?

Life wants us to be happy and healthy, joyous and abundant.

Such a full life is a wholesome life: in tune with the infinite possibilities and richness of life as a whole. Living a full life with optimal health, happiness and well-being, goes beyond being free from illnesses.

It means consciously and joyfully working on all aspects of your life that contribute to your sense of well-being. You are the best expert on yourself!

What are the Benefits of Wholesome Leadership?
You hold the keys to unlock health and happiness in your life.

Life speaks to you in the language of feelings. When you’re making good choices, you will experience feelings of ease and joy.

Listening to what your body-mind is telling you (via feelings) is an effortless way to ensure that each moment of your life is spent optimally.

Listen to your feelings and inner guidance on what is the best thing for you to do now. This would be something that feels genuinely joyful and good.

It would be natural and effortless for you.

Use this inner guidance system to guide you at each stage of your journey to a more wholesome life.

Wholesome Tool

This tool will enable you to scan and examine all areas of your life that contribute to your well-being/ wholesomeness.

It will also enable you to see where you stand today, and where you want to be.


Below are some statements about your work and life in general. Please read each statement and circle the number corresponding to the extent to which you agree or disagree with it.

Use the following alternatives for your response:

  • Strongly Agree (SA)
  • Agree (A)
  • Undecided (U)
  • Disagree (D)
  • Strongly Disagree (SD)

Note: Please avoid using the alternative Undecided as far as possible.

In this tool, we would also like you to plan some actions for change.

For each area below, consider where you are and where would you like to be. All areas are important. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high)

In the “where you are” box, briefly write the reasons you chose your rating.

In the “where would you like to be” box, write down some changes that might make this area better for you.

Some areas are strongly connected to other areas. You may notice some of your answers seem to be similar.

Try to fill out as many areas as you can on all the following pages.



  1. Divide the day’s chores or work tasks into clear groups of achievable parts. Arrange these in order of importance and start at the top.
  2. Decide on a reasonable time to finish your tasks. Recognize each completion with its own
  3. Relax with a short break after finishing time consuming
  4. Keep learning and growing. Developing new abilities and talents will keep you in a contributing mode throughout your
  5. Find ways to make your work more fun and creative. Innovation helps you and the organization.
  6. Consider practising short Mindfulness breaks as a way to enhance effectiveness and joy at


  1. Add “please” and “thank you” to your daily
  2. At least once a day do something you
  3. Wake up early and plan to make each day a good
  4. Read an article or a chapter of a book, listen to a podcast or an interesting piece of information in the morning to switch on your
  5. Ignore negativity at work and
  6. Choose perspectives and thoughts that make you feel Focus on action and not on blame.
  7. Appreciation and the attitude of gratitude are very powerful attractors of good things in your


  1. Get enough movement and exercise for your body. Examples of exercise and movement include walking, gardening, sports, yoga, cycling, dancing, or working out in a gym. This will enhance your energy, stamina, suppleness and
  2. It’s important to find what works for You may have problems with things like clutter, noise, bad smells, poor lighting, or water quality. Solve some of these problems. It’s good to have a safe, comfortable, and healthy space to live and work in.
  3. Eliminate the intake of alcohol, caffeine, sodas, sweetened drinks, drugs, and nicotine. Keep your body and mind pure and properly
  4. Once you are awake, drink a glass of water at room temperature with a squeeze of
  5. Make highly nutritious, plant-based, organically grown food items a regular part of your diet. Did you know, for example, that the leaves of the Drumstick Tree (Moringa Oleifera) are the world’s most nutritious green leafy vegetable? And they are freely available!
  6. Drop sugar, meat, and milk. Consider a Vegan diet. It has huge health
  7. Get enough rest, relaxation, and sleep. This is your Reset, Refresh and Recharge process!


  1. In case you are not aware of which investments to make, seek guidance from colleagues or join a financial literacy
  2. Set yourself some goals like ensuring you invest at least 20% of your earnings. You can easily make these savings
  3. If you are not aware where you are spending most of your income, start tracking your spending.
  4. Buy healthy and safe items (especially organic and safe food) where financially possible. Do not compromise on quality to save money. It is better to spend on safe food rather than on medical bills!
  5. Spend less on food. Buy in bulk and cook at home as much as possible. By planning meals and keeping perishable items visible at the front of your fridge, you can also help minimize waste. Also start shopping with a grocery list.
  6. Spend less on clothes. Buy the basic required on sales, off season discounts, etc. Maximize on coupons, and become a savvy shopper.
  7. Try a “no spend week”. You can increase their frequency once you have established them in your routine.


  1. It’s good to converse with people who care about you and listen to Set aside some time for intimacy with your near and dear ones.
  2. Try to encourage the people around you. Ask them questions and help them achieve their goals by simply reminding them of their Conversations and follow-up statements to help build relationships.
  3. Set up a time to reflect and step away from the cell Try to have face-to-face conversations and more direct interactions with people.
  4. Tell someone you love them and that you are grateful to have them in your life at least once a week. The quality and frequency of communication with family, friends, and your colleagues will enhance your
  5. Excuse yourself and walk away if you’re getting angry or At times you can prepare for and manage your emotions better when you walk away.
  6. Be generous with your hugs. (But only after seeking permission to hug!)


  1. It’s important to think before you
  2. Analyze how you spend your time and energy during the day? What activities give you energy or make you tired? Do you spend time doing what matters most to you? Take time out to cool down and think logically. Recognize that you may be pressuring others as much as yourself and get their cooperation instead.
  3. As soon as you get up from bed; look in the mirror & repeat positive affirmations about yourself and the day ahead, i.e. “This day is going to be a great day” or “I am healthy” or “with help from Existence, I can accomplish all”.
  4. Limit the use of technology right before bedtime and right after when you wake up. This will help you to relax, unwind & sleep better as well as to start your day with a clear mind.
  5. Make the practices of Appreciation and Gratitude the bedrock of your happiness.


  1. Identify your blessings. Try this spiritual exercise for one week: At the end of the first day, identify a blessing that came to you from a family member. At the end of the second day, a blessing from a neighbor. The third day, from a friend. The fourth day, from a work colleague. The fifth day, from a stranger. Sixth day, from a child. On the seventh day, a blessing came from an “enemy.”
  2. Keep your priorities straight. Know what is ultimately important and what is not. Focus on work when you must and family when you wish
  3. Do what you say you will do whether it’s convenient or Follow through on all of your commitments, large and small. By your actions, show others you are a person who can be trusted and counted upon.
  4. Spend time in nature. The earth has sustained itself for millions of years, much before the human race arrived. It will sustain itself much after we leave too. It’s important to draw on these energies on a regular
  5. When things are hard, where do you turn for strength and comfort? Some people turn to spiritual faith. Some people find comfort in nature. Some connect with art and music or prefer quiet time alone. Some want to help
  6. Have a sense of higher meaning and purpose in your Walk hand in hand with the energy of Life to co-create heaven on earth.
  7. Develop the practice of Meditation and Mindfulness. This means being fully aware and paying attention to things (inner and outer) in each moment. Your body-mind is sending you signals in the form of feelings. Listen to and obey this Inner Voice.


  1. Look for ways to serve the community, especially tasks that promise no reward, such as picking up litter on the
  2. Plant a community Take up a monthly ritual where you help other people grow trees and plants for the community.
  3. You can further sign up at an orphanage and help teach children around your neighborhood not only subjects but also help imbibe a set of
  4. Make gifts with friends for children in the hospital. Distribute gifts and fruit on Diwali, Holi, Christmas, etc.
  5. Donate some old clothes to your nearest orphanage.

There is no one way to leading a balanced and wholesome life. The recipe includes a number of interdependent ingredients.

Small things, when done consistently, can make a huge difference over time. Begin with what you have planned. Stay focused and consistent.

Make Joyful Action Now your mantra in each moment.

 All the very best for your journey to a wholesome life. Love and Hugs!

Team Pragati Leadership

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