Emotional intelligence training to improve and manage relations in the business world.

With globalization, Emotional Intelligence is more significant than ever where teams are cross-cultural and global with complex interactions of emotions and how they are expressed. Essentially, emotional intelligence in the workplace comes down to understanding, expressing and managing good relationships and solving problems under pressure.

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    Learning Objectives

    • Learn about different emotions and their expression
    • Articulate key concepts related to Emotional Intelligence
    • Learn to manage emotions and conflicts
    • Apply EI techniques for building positive energy for self and team

    Highlights of the Program

      Emotional Intelligence and its benefits

    • Helps you communicate better, improve relationships

      Emotional Intelligence Model

    • 3 models of Emotional Intelligence- Ability Model, Mixed Model and Trait Model.

      Self-assessment and Emotional Intelligence

    • Understanding Emotions, expressing emotions, Managing Emotions

      EQ vs EI

    • Understanding whether EQ & EI are different or the same thing.

    Outcome of this Program

    • Improved Collaboration in teams.
    • Improvement in the inclusive behaviour in the organization with respect for diverse perspectives.
    • Improvement in the composure of the Leaders.


    1 Day or 2 Days

    Who should attend

    Mid to Senior level
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