Our Assessment solutions give insights about individual personalities that help to accelerate learning and change. Our facilitators are experienced in deploying world leading psychometric tools.

Assessments are valuable for self development and also provide insights to coaches and leaders

We work with some of the world’s leading psychometric tools and our knowledgeable and experienced facilitators can deploy these in your organizations.

  • StrengthscopeTM: Identify your key strengths and deploy them to your advantage.
  • 360 feedback: Know how you fare in identified competencies as seen from your bosses.
  • Barrett Assessment: Know your value preferences and audit of organizational, leadership and personal values
  • EQ – 6 seconds: Measure your Emotional Intelligence Quotient
  • MBTI: Discover your preferences
  • Hogan: Know your leadership style
  • FIRO B: Know your interpersonal preferences
  • ISPI: Innovation profile