Building a Coaching Culture


Harness the power of change. Rewire your thinking, transform your mindset and make change happen for your organisation.

Our Leading Change Leadership training program is designed to inspire leaders to revolutionize their outlook and enable them to create winning businesses.


Why change is critical for organizational success?

Leadership role and change.

What is change management?

Change Management process – Unfreeze, change, refreeze

Understanding why people resist change and how to deal with it

Leader’s role in change management process – change vision, change strategies, communication to the team, removing bottlenecks, providing inspiration and momentum

Critical success factors for large-scale change programs

Role of change catalysts in spreading change

Creating a culture that embraces change – innovation, agility

Learning Objectives


Appreciate the importance of change for the success of the organization


Understand the leader’s role in leading change successfully

Team learning

Learn how to drive large-scale change programs successfully

Managing and Engaging with Empathy

Understand the change management process


Create a pool of leaders who can drive change successfully

Enhance the ability of the organization to adapt to ongoing changes

Build a culture where employees are agile and comfortable with change

Assess Leader’s change management skills

Understand desirable behaviours and required skills for managing change

Understand the role manager needs to play as the leader of a change initiative


1 Day or 2 Days

Who should attend

Senior Leadership team members who are accountable for driving change successfully in the organization

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