Negotiation Skills


Negotiation skills and strategies training program to grow your career.

Being able to Negotiate is one of the valuable skills for Leaders at all levels. Negotiation situations involve both external and internal stakeholders and therefore are relevant and important for all functions in an Organization. Negotiating is the process of communicating back and forth, for the purpose of reaching a joint agreement about differing needs or ideas. The art of negotiation is based on attempting to reconcile what constitutes a good result for the other party.

Learning Objectives

Develop Negotiation skills

Understand the process of negotiation in the business context

Know Principles and Tips for successful negotiations

Create an action plan for improving these skills

Program Highlights

Understanding negotiation in the business context


What is Negotiation? Characteristics and situations

Process of negotiation


Preparation, conducting, follow-up


Tips, Attitudes, skills & knowledge for effective negotiation

Principles for successful negotiation


Dealing with people, discovering rationale, Value creation

Outcome of This Program

Help in resolving conflicts and adapting effective strategies for problem solving.

Develop positive as well as productive internal and external working relationship

Ensures more confident and assertive employees

Results in highly motivated staff with increased confidence, skills and flexibility


1 Day or 2 Days

Who should attend

Mid to Senior Level

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