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well being for all

Business Context

Holistic approach to employee well-being includes various aspects of physical, emotional, and mental well–being.

It is vital to empower them to take care of their well-being, learn tools and practices that would enable to build inner and outer shield of compassion, empathy, and care for themselves and their teams.

Business Need

The client felt a need to support leaders of the organization to enable them to understand their stressors, and insecurities.

The following stressors
were identified

Work life balance

Due to the pandemic teams are working from home, so, there aren’t any fixed working hours. Employees are working beyond office hours thus, aren’t able dedicate time to their family.

Work stress

Teams have been stressed due to close deadlines and remote working has caused excessive work stress.

Lack of employee well-being

Remote working has resulted in lack of team bonding so, managers are not able to witness their team’s stressors and focus on their well-being.

Lack of human connect

The human connect is missing and it gets evident in the fact that even if they lose their teammates due to work stress it doesn’t impact them on a human level. Emotional connect with team mates is missing.


Step 1

Pre-study Interactions

Pragati Leadership team felt the need to design and customize the entire program thus, an appreciative study was conducted among few chosen leaders from the organization.

Tools adopted:

Online one-on-one and other meetings along with document study were conducted.

This led to a clear design for online modules on areas like Centeredness, Authenticity, Resilience and Empathy and also gave clarity about the stakeholders’ vision and their definition of success of this intervention.

Since a complete confidentiality was assured, participants openly shared their examples to support their views wherever possible.

As part of the study participants were asked about their concerns, views, opinions and expectations along with areas of improvement.

Step 2

Development Journey

The developmental journey comprised of 4 modules. One Module Per Week per batch – sessions with an intention to address each key areas – Being Centred, Authentic, Resilient and Empathetic, were conducted.

Post the modules, a review meeting was conducted with key stakeholders to share feedback about the progress of the intervention and its impact on participants.


Wholesome Leadership Development program

Key Differentiator

Curated Reading Material and a Learning Journal (e-Learning journal) was shared. Journaling was integral part of the program.

Participants were divided into Pods (of 5 people each). Leaders shared their learnings, insights and experiences with their fellow colleagues.

Digital Connects in the form of Infographics, Mind Maps, and Quotes were shared.

Coaching on demand (both one on one and Group Coaching) was available to implement these learnings in their role as leaders.

Qualitative and Quantitative Feedback was collected at the end of all the workshops.


This program helped the leaders to de-stress as they understood the criticality of well-being in the current uncertain times.

Living in a VUCA world is stressful. Leaders felt rejuvenated, re-energized and reconnected to their core.

Leaders felt encouraged to find happiness in small things and appreciate others to learn from them.

Leaders got a different perspective and a fresh outlook.

Participants Feedback

“I have begun knowing and believing in myself, it’s a journey worth pursuing. It is all about discovering, rediscovering and evolving myself.”

“Although I was already following most of the steps, these sessions rejuvenated the journey. I felt happy and energetic by regularly practising yoga and breathing exercises.”

“Now I know that I have to take care of myself and find joy in appreciating my team mates.”

I have realized, “If it is to be, it is up to me!!”

“Listening exercises, living in the present, not being judgemental is just so important. I wish to carry on with this practise forever.”

“Panicking fetches nothing, but a confused mind. The solution is to pause while in turmoil.”

“Loved the Empathy Map as it made us realize all the groundwork one needs to do before being empathetic.”

Client Speaks

“Our team understood the importance of well-being and the intervention helped them identify ways to de-stress themselves. Also, the new ways of training delivery with the help of pods and digital connect ensured the connect between themselves as well as facilitator in between the modules.”

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