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How to Have an Incredibly Collaborative Team - First time manager training

How to Have an Incredibly Collaborative Team?

When we think of sports, we think of fun and entertainment; we think of energy and performance. But when you take a closer look, sports are one of the best representations of teamwork and collaboration. A group of individuals come together to accomplish a particular goal.

Legendary Basketball Coach Phil Jackson once said “For a team to succeed, the players have “to surrender the ‘me’ for ‘we.’ Sports is a living example of how many players come together and work with dedication to achieve a single goal which requires teamwork and group effort to make it realistic.

Everyone in the team plays a different role according to their skill set and strength but they collaborate for a single goal.

While a sport inspires and unites people, it is also a guidebook to be applied in the world of corporates. Moreover, it shows us how champions are born through the efforts of talented individuals who join hands towards a common goal.

A survey conducted by psychologist Marjorie E. Shaw proves that a group of people when working together solves the problem much accurately and precisely rather than when an individual work on them.

How to Have an Incredibly Collaborative Team - First time manager training

What do these teams especially do to have remarkable teamwork and collaboration? Where do businesses lack in developing teams? What features are necessary to build a strong team? How to bring about an organizational transformation using leadership training?

Let’s explore the answer more closely to know what does a collaborative team look like –


For developing confidence and effective work chemistry within the team, trust is a vital element. If you know your teammates better, consequently you will trust them better which increases the probability of successful collaboration.

Therefore, the companies should plan more employee engagement activities and picnics to help the team members connect in a friendly environment.


An organization must be transparent with their employees and promote open communication.

99.1% prefer a workplace where people identify and discuss issues truthfully and effectively while less than 50 % say their organization discusses issues truthfully and effectively.

Clear conversation throughout the team and organisation will keep every member on the same page and will assist to make a smooth choice just by focusing better on reaching the planned benchmarks.


Do not just tell your team what to do and what not. Rather, show them, become the leader that you wanted when you were an associate employee. Model the uprightness that you are expecting from your team and hold yourself as well as your team accountable.

Arrange for a formal training program for your future managers so that they receive an unbiased and neutral view of the management, which might get missed by your limited vision. The First Time Manager training program by Pragati Leadership prepares new managers for success by providing them with the training and skills needed to make a smooth transition from an employee to a leader.

Lastly, take a stand when required, and have faith in others.


What makes a great team? When individuals of different skills and calibre come together and are given the freedom to exercise their skills proficiently.

Many individuals in a team lead to a diverse body of knowledge – this is the pioneer of creative solutions. Use distinctive skills of every individual member of a team to a strategic advantage while moving forward.  Adopt innovative techniques to give every member their creative space.


Keep the communication channel open and never be afraid to have conflicts or disagreements in the ideas. Many members will lead to many perceptions but a healthy disclosure only benefits the business.

When 97% employees believe communication is the core foundation of every business and productivity shoots up by 25% with a better-connected employee system, teamwork and communication should form the basis of your company.

Leadership programs in India stress on the idea of creating a collaborative environment in order to build the foundation of a more prosperous endeavour. Business leaders should keep in mind that for collaborations to work it must be reliable and purposeful, with resources and rewards dedicated to its success. When team members sense that they are a part of something remarkable they are more than willing to grind and work together to accomplish the benchmarks.

One is better than one i.e. one team is always better than one player.

Can Leadership Be Taught - Pragati Leadership

Can Leadership Be Taught?

One of the funny things you see in children is how they mimic some of their parent’s actions. When they are small and innocent, it appears funny. However, habits accumulated through such imitation often end up defining the personality of the child.  However, most of the inculcation happens without any formal teaching. These behaviours seem to have been caught by the child. Now transport this to work place and ask how good leadership traits get inculcated into the organization? This significant question has always been asked around and debated in many leadership summits and forum.

Can leadership, a vital skill to steer oneself and organizations, be transmitted through leadership traininalone? What factors would be significant for people to lead to exhibit leadership behaviours? The mind-set of a leader is often an inspiration derived from within but ignited through the inspirational force of another leader.

Can Leadership Be Taught - Pragati Leadership

It is often said

Leadership is better caught than taught.

Simply said, Inspiration is Caught or acquired by admiring at your role models, by observing great leaders and adopting their traits, by actively pursuing habits that a true leader follows.

There’s a growing fear and myth globally that leadership development programs don’t work; that even after investing millions, great and inspiring leaders are in short supply. 85% managers and mid-level executives are still apprehensive and insecure in their leadership capabilities.

If the leadership development programs are not working to the desired extent, what should be the right approach to create a healthy pipeline of leaders? How can leadership qualities be caught by more employees?

The answer is simple – demonstrate it by your actions!!  As the popular saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”. All great leaders have led more by their actions than anything else. The influence they wield is attributable to the exemplary actions they have taken.

As Theodore Roosevelt said “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care

What you care about becomes visible to others and if they resonate with your ideology and approach, they are more likely to follow your actions.

Being a role model is not easy. One has to be mindful and aware of one’s actions, howsoever insignificant they might appear. This builds the leader’s personal power and integrity.  The character leaders display is more likely to influence the people around them rather the advice. Values such as patience, integrity, compassion and positivity are not just soft values which can be taught in classrooms. They are the essential building blocks of your character and it is that character which will be inspiring and caught. The rest is mere semantics.

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Leadership Development Program At Pragati Leadership

How to Design an Effective Leadership Development Program?

Today, the question isn’t whether you should invest in Leadership Development Program or not, many top MNCs like EY, Amazon and Marriott International throughout the globe are investing heavily in their leadership program and reaping the benefits.
The real question is, how can you build an effective leadership program to help your organization and identify the right leaders?
Every company – big or small – understands that to lead an organization from the front, their platoon leader has to be the wisest, sharpest and the most skilled. After all, on his shoulders lies the responsibility of the whole company. Still, 58% of managers confessed they didn’t receive any form of training on becoming a manager!
Although we have often seen that in saving time, energy and resources, leadership programs often get axed. But Organizations need to understand that when you have identified a strong leader, the chain of succession itself becomes easy.

Leadership Development Program At Pragati Leadership

So,how does a leadership development program help the company and its employees?

  • Leaders understand how important it is to appreciate and empower your employees. In fact, 79% employees quit their job because of “lack of appreciation”. Hence, a leadership program fulfils this gap and promises better retention rate among employees along with 114% higher sales, 90% lower absenteeism and 71% higher customer satisfaction.
  • An effective leadership program teaches the leader the significance of “people bias”. He consciously starts learning more about his employees and brings out the best in them by keeping the employees’ interests at heart.
    For instance, if the company is going through a dynamic change, understanding how to steer through that change at a personal level is important. But a good leader will implement strategies that will LEAD people through that change seamlessly.
  • A powerful corporate leadership program empowers the leader by helping him learn various soft skills including building a network, encouraging and engaging employees, improvement in performance management, establishing long-lasting client relationships, formulating and executing strategies among other everyday leadership tasks.

A happy surprise is 81% employees who worked with recently trained managers/leaders felt more engaged at their jobs. Isn’t that proof enough?
Now that we’ve established the efficacy of leadership programs, the next big question is –

What does a framework of Leadership Development Program constitute?

  • One Size DOESN’T Fit All – Every individual is different and so is his skillset. A compelling leadership program identifies the qualities a leader possesses, understands his proficiencies and gives him room to self-assess his areas of improvement. Thereafter, it draws everything together to show how can he use his competence to lead the team forward.
  • Focus on Imparting Principle Based Leadership Training – Today, with the young leaders coming in the forefront, you cannot just lecture them about what will make them a good leader. You need to tell them the ‘why’ behind it. An efficient leadership pipeline program makes them aware of the principles and then gives them the space of self-discovery to implement these principles in their own work environment. Moreover, real world examples and autonomy should form the basis of every discussion.
  • Continuous Process Improvement – A leadership program should be a sustainably blended process. The learning should involve constantly implementing tools and techniques to make a swift transition along with measuring the impact at every stage. It should give the participants a morale boost along with an assurance that they are ready to ascend the career ladder.
  • Measure Results – A proficient top leadership development program will offer a positive environment where growth and development are in prime focus. Schedule regular meetings with the leader to check up on the process, growth and how is the individual advancing to the next level. Ensure that the mapped-out outline is thoroughly followed to polish and develop the next leader in-line. Take feedbacks from the team to know if they sense a difference in their lead and work on the pain points.

Only when a leadership development program constitutes these fundamentals can it create a successful leadership pipeline which nurtures the most valuable asset of a company – its employees.


Walt Disney’s engaged and happy 201,000-member global staff doesn’t rely on pixie dust to keep the employees happy. They wish it was that simple. They rely on a compelling and internationally recognized leadership program until they discover the pixie dust.
It’s time you do too!
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Pragati Leadership - She is the Real Shero

She is the Real Shero

Women are approximately 50% of the world’s population and therefore should be in a position of tremendous power, responsibility across all sectors. Women should be in major decision-making and influencing roles. Whether to sanction sanctions on another country or create policy changes in the nation or be part of the merger/demerger decisions, they should be in a position to opine and to execute the same. Women are considered ideal teachers. They are highly active in conducting executive coaching and leadership programs in India and are more popular than men in the corporate training sector.

Pragati Leadership - She is the Real Shero

There is no question that we have seen the tremendous change in the “breaking of the glass-ceiling “over the last 30 years in this. We have a woman Defence Minister and a woman Foreign Minister. We have also many women CEO’s, bureaucrats, athletes, musicians –all making a difference to the nation, the world and to their respective organizations. The question to ask is “Are they enough?. Even today when I go to many corporations who are intrinsically liberal and forward minded, the number of women leaders in decision-making roles are limited. We still need women to come forward to play and work with their full strengths and potential so that we can create a different set of thinking paradigms which can bring about positive and inclusive change.

I think this is the reason that even today we celebrate “Women’s day”. It’s a day to remember and celebrate the contribution of women in nation-building and create a humane world. Celebrating women’s day does not on the ground change any reality for women –but it brings awareness about the strengths of women and acknowledges the same. It’s a day for women to introspect, look at their lives-their aspirations, their strengths and create plans for their future. It’s a day also for organizations to acknowledge the contributions of women and recognise them. Give them opportunities to grow. Give them a challenge. Give them the platforms to perform. Recognise that women play multiple roles both at work and outside of it and have the ability to harmonize this. Be there for them.