Women leadership program that nurtures women leaders across industries.

Our Developing Women Leaders program empower women representation at senior positions and provide a learning platform

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    Learning Objectives

    • Develop women leaders at various leadership levels to build a gender diverse organisation.

    Highlights of the Programme

    Change Management Process

    • Why change is critical for organizational success?
    • Leadership role and change.
    • What is change management?
    • Change Management process – Unfreeze, change, refreeze
    • Understanding why people resist change and how to deal with it

    Change Management Process

    • Leader’s role in change management process – change vision, change strategies, communication to the team, removing bottlenecks, providing inspiration and momentum
    • Critical success factors for large-scale change programs
    • Role of change catalysts in spreading change
    • Creating a culture that embraces change – innovation, agility

    Outcome of this Program

    • Improvement in the Strategic Thinking of Top Leaders.
    • Improved alignment of the Top Leaders to Vision and Common Goals.
    2 Days to 4 Days
    Who should attend
    Senior level
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      Great Leaders are great Decision Makers. When we think of what makes someone a great leader, one characteristic that comes to mind is 'Decisiveness' .
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      Driving organization for success and growth is a challenge for leaders in a disruptive economic environment. It not only requires leaders to energize the organization towards vision, but also provides strategic guidance.
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      There are some people whose presence is noticed in ways even when they don’t speak or act. Executive presence is now counted as one of the essential competencies required for Leaders to successfully influence the Stakeholders.
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      "Without the capacity to influence others, your ability to make what you wnvision a reality remains elusive because, after all, no onw can do it alone"- George Hallenbeck
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      Leadership is an art and also a science which needs to be nurtured in a progressive way. Pragati Leadership’s Leader of Leaders program provides experienced Leaders the required incremental inputs in their journey to the next level.
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      Business environment today is highly dynamic and complex. Organizations need to not only manage clients, employees and stakeholders but also Political, Social and Environmental factors effectively.