This program is for women professionals (managers and leaders) who would like to enhance their careers, by learning about some critical behaviours and skills that they can practice at work. In computer programming it is the combination various bytes that convert it into a meaning information. Similarly, it is the combination of specially selected leadership behaviours that transform one into a successful professional.

Program Investment - USD 180/INR 12000

  • (Batch 1) 05 - 07 Nov 2020
  • 10:00 am to 12: 00 pm
  • The Challenge for Women@Work
  • Role Contamination
  • The changing dynamics at work
  • Mental conditioning- the inner game
  • 3 Powerful Skills:
  • 1. Cultivating a sense of Purpose
    2. Networking and Influencing
    3. Assertiveness

  • Personal Commitments
  • Learn what are the leadership behaviours that are crucial for the career growth and personal well-being of women professionals
  • Explore how these skills/attitudes and behaviours impact effectiveness at work
  • Develop an action plan using the above to cultivate effective work-place skills
  • Improvement in the Strategic Thinking of Top Leaders.
  • Improved alignment of the Top Leaders to Vision and Common Goals.

3 days Virtual Training Program


Chairperson and Director Consultant, Coach and Facilitator

Anu is adept at facilitating Organizational Change & Transformation, Developing Coaches and Facilitators and Leadership Development for top management teams. She has worked with the top management of companies to help Create/ re-create and cascade Organizational DNA in order to align their businesses with their Mission & Vision.

Senior Managers