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Congratulations, you are a manager now! That’s great news, isn’t it? That cabin which you’ve always been vying for is finally yours.

Is the much-awaited promotion making you feel equal parts happy, overwhelmed as well as anxious?

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Don’t worry – every first time manager feels this healthy combination of feelings. Your journey until now was defined by the individual contributions you made but moving forward you will be seen as a leader who will coach and motivate a group of people and make their transitions smoother.

We know you must have prepared yourself well for this day. If you haven’t, allow us to help you before the nervousness slides in and grinds your confidence.

Get off on the right foot with these fundamental blocks as you step into a new role.

These are a few things a first-time manager should inculcate to “feel like a best boss”

    • Understand that your relationship has changed

      In the beginning, it might feel awkward to delegate tasks to your own colleagues.

      But it is important to comprehend that now your number one job is not completing tasks rather it is to help employees accomplish their tasks. This shift is usually difficult for first-time managers but it is vital to understand that now your performance will be measured by your team’s performance.

      If they pass, you pass. If they fail, you fail!

    • Deliver constructive response

      As a manager, it is your onus to provide the team with constructive feedback about their performance.
      A research conducted by Zenger/Folkman found that 72% of employees expressed their performance would improve if their managers would deliver a helpful and constructive opinion.
      Take time, observe, learn and then make a remark about your team members’ performance. When in doubt, use your observational and communication skills to help the team improve their performance.
      Healthy advice – Keep it as practical and observational as possible. Don’t talk about unconfirmed report or gossip.

    • Express your concerns well

      Top leadership development programs stress on the importance of team building & team bonding. According to a research “54% of employees feel that a strong sense of community kept them at a company longer than it was in their best interest.”
      Building stable relationships with the team members require effective communication. When employees feel cherished and appreciated by the leaders, they give more than a hundred percent to their work and thus, production efficiency, resulting in organizational transformation.
      First time manager training teaches you to understand your team members. Listen and understand about your team’s requirement and act accordingly because ultimately, it’s all about what you do than what you say.
      Show your concern in the little things which will help you build the trust of your team. For instance – take their opinions seriously to advocate their best interests, show them that you care and it will only help you build a stronger team.

  • Delegation is Necessary

    Excel at the art of delegation because it can make teamwork or break it. Very early in the work, successful first-time managers comprehend that they cannot be involved in everything and thus, have to rely on the team. Such a business environment also increases the team’s skills and perspective.
    You can build delegation by letting your team member step up and lead on your behalf. Be updated but let your team members take charge of the work. Such activities will help them understand the significance of their role which in turn will make them feel valuable and cherished.

As a manager, you need to be consistent and make conscious decisions. You can only do that when you learn to listen and focus on what’s really important. Hence, prioritize.
Lastly, mistakes happen – don’t beat yourself up. Just resolute to never stop learning and you will have a great time leading your team to the epitome of success!
Good luck on your new journey.