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At Pragati Leadership, our solutions help discover people’s inner potential, which ultimately translates into an efficiently run organization with a healthy bottom line. These interventions are based on the four pillars of Purpose, People, Planet, and Profit of the Wholesome Leadership program. Recognizing those Indian corporate leaders who have successfully led their organizations by following this philosophy, Pragati Leadership announced the 2022 Inspiring and Successful Leadership Awards. Mr. Verma’s motivational leadership style is reflected in his people-centric approach that has helped him transform business.

The truly inspirational leaders of today who deserve recognition were chosen by a jury of exemplary individuals from the business world. This comprised of Dr. Shikha Jain (Director – IMDR),  Tarun Sharma (Founder of Yodda, Former CEO BMC Software India, Board Member, Global Logic India), Dr. Ganesh Natarajan (Chairman at 5F World, Lighthouse Communities & Honeywell Automation India Ltd.), and Vibhas Joshi (Coach, Facilitator, Author, and Former Board Member, SAS Research & Development, India), who painstakingly worked at finding the winners of the 2022 IT Industry awards.

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Anurag Verma (VP of HR, Uniphore) received this endorsement for exceptional leadership and a people-centric approach to transforming organisations. He is recognized for his leadership development strategy in building and sustaining a high-trust and high-performance culture. Mr. Verma acknowledged the honour bestowed upon him by Pragati Leadership and felt humbled just being in the presence of such an elite group of achievers, and listening to their insights on leadership.  An inspiring leader himself, he modestly said that he didn’t have the words to express his feelings right now.

He has been doing his little bit in the field of HR, to help organizations grow, build up and transform. This involves creating a strong culture around people and helping them achieve business objectives through people. According to him, an organization may possess great technology, a great product and great services but these alone can’t make a difference. It is the people who are the driving force behind it and each person is unique and different. He affirmed that he has been trying to practice the two words of HR – which means dealing with human beings and the relations that we build with them.

Through his experience over the years, he understands that when a bond of trust is established between people, there is a sense of purpose. When this purpose aligns with the organizational purpose, bringing with it an incremental force, magic happens. This is how great cultures are built within a company. It’s an example of how the power of people can make it happen and accomplish the extraordinary in an organization. He doesn’t think he’s achieved any great leadership status as he modestly believes that he’s still going through a learning journey. He seizes every opportunity that he gets to interact with people in different formats, geographies or organizations as it’s a great learning experience.

He always puts people first as through their collective energy and zeal, one can achieve the company’s goals and objectives. This is paramount in an organization’s leading strategy but overall it’s important to make a difference through people as well as helping people leaders or senior leaders manage people better, mostly through coaching. Being in the presence of great coaches, today says it all. The job of a coach is to bring out the best in an individual and give him insights and tools but most importantly help him through that journey. This is what he’s been doing throughout his career and this is what he loves doing and he keeps learning from everyone. He felt that it was a great opportunity to get connected here and looked forward to absorbing all the learnings that he could gather. He was really overwhelmed by the accolades showered on him.

Mr. Verma, a people, and business-oriented HR professional brings more than 24 years of experience to his role at Uniphore. During his career, he worked in start-ups and fast-paced organizations in a multitude of roles.  From transforming organizations and scaling the people function, building culture, managing change, and organization development to talent management, he’s successfully done it all. In the past, he’s held strategic leadership roles in people functions with Flipkart, Ascend Telecom Infrastructure, Bharti Airtel, Visisht and Maharishi group. He is passionate about coaching people and creating diverse and inclusive workplaces.