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Wholesome Leader and the employees

When a leader is aware of his surroundings including the struggles and strengths of his team, he/she is able to bring out the best from each of the members. A dynamic leader with wholesome perspective too can play an important role in creating a support system where everyone feels empowered and responsible towards achieving the common goals.

Be it delivering value to all stakeholders, contributing to environmental footprints or creating social impacts, business leaders today have a bigger and more pertinent role to play.

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Here are some of the ways in which Wholesome leadership will help your employees and organization:

  1. It will help your employees connect with the profound inner space of joy, freedom and creativity and get them in touch with their core of life i.e. to the essence of ‘who they are’.
  2. In the world of disruption and uncertainty your employees will be anchored in the space of purity, calm and peace.
  3. Employees will be more creative, healthier and more compassionate.
  4. Vision of the employee as well as the organization will expand beyond business and organization.

What would an organization where everyone has unblocked all their barriers and are awakened to the full power of ‘who they really are’…look like? The organization will be an organization that is flourishing and its business is expanded by 10x. And what could be the reason for this? It is because, by being wholesome, all your employees will be charged to their highest potential. They will be more peaceful, collaborative, creative, and happy which will result in them enjoying their work more. Such a peaceful condition will create more social, emotional, spiritual and cultural value and it will not only result in profits to the business but also will result in Value expansion thereby making the organization a wholesome organization.

Wholesome Leadership and the organization

Wholesome Leadership is beneficial to the whole society…be it you as an individual or the organization or even to the environment. Following are the benefits to the organization:

  • The organization will be in capable hands of wholesome individuals/ leaders who are working with compassion towards the larger good of society and the environment. They will be more compassionate towards all the stakeholders- customers, society, family etc.
  • There will be a high level of employee engagement with more joy and peace.
  • Environmental impact will be good. The organization will be focussed on using sustainable ways of operation and this will impact the environment in a positive manner.  It is said that there can’t be a successful business on a failed planet. In this manner there will be wholesome success in the organization.
  • There will be ‘sociocracy’ with clear charter, agile systemic organizational structure and the individual desires to control departments or teams will be lost. They will be aligned with life. The structure of the organization will be more organic and not mechanic.

So, when all the employees in the organization and also the organization follows wholesomeness and there will be authenticity, integrity and everyone will be anchored into peace and calmness, it will result in increased productivity, more trust, increased morale and better ability to thrive and sustain.