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We have experienced a significant change in the manner we conduct our work. Gone are the days when negotiations were limited to face-to-face meetings, which mostly depended on strategic silences and body language signals. Presently, digital negotiation has become more common in the dynamic Indian business environment.

Nowadays virtual meetings and remote communication platforms serve as essential tools for conducting important business dialogues ranging from client deal closures to vendor contract discussions. Although this change offers negotiators flexibility and convenience, it also comes with some challenges. This means that winning through synergy requires one to possess a highly developed skill set in bridging two worlds digitally.

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Pragati Leadership understands well how negotiation skills training for the digital age is becoming more required by the day. In this article, we’ll delve into some key tips to help you excel in virtual and remote negotiations:

Key Tips for Successful Digital Negotiations

Preparation is the key

Like face-to-face talks, preparation remains crucial during digital discussions. Understand both party’s needs, objectives and interests involved. Gather information related to the subject matter at hand; think about anticipated questions and be ready with respective answers before the timeline. To improve virtual negotiation skills, familiarize yourself with the technological tools used so that there will be no glitches of such kind.

Right Platform Selection

    To achieve this aim, correct platform selection is necessary for your virtual negotiation skills. Some of the commonly used video conferencing tools include Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. Make sure that it has all the features required such as screen sharing or co-editing documents for a smooth discussion.

    Ensure Clear Communication

    In the absence of physical presence, clear and concise communication becomes even more important. Articulate your points clearly and avoid jargon. Make use of visual aids such as presentations or documents to support your arguments. Also, be mindful of your tone and body language, as they can still be conveyed through video.

    Establishing a Working Relationship

    Having rapport is key in any negotiation. Negotiation in the digital age can be achieved by starting the conversation with some informal chat or sharing a personal anecdote. This helps create a conducive atmosphere where the process of online negotiations becomes smoother.

    Time Management Skills

      Effective time management is essential during online negotiations. Set out an agenda giving each discussion point specific time slots. This helps you stay on track and ensures that all key issues will be addressed within the allocated period.

      Practical Example

      Consider an Indian IT company negotiating a contract with a US-based client. Due to the geographical distance, they decide to negotiate a video conferencing platform. The Indian team prepares extensively, understanding the client’s requirements and gathering all necessary data. They choose Zoom for its robust features and ease of use.

      During the negotiation, the Indian team starts with a brief informal conversation to build rapport. They then clearly present their proposal using a well-organized presentation. Throughout the discussion, they maintain clear communication, addressing the client’s concerns and questions effectively. By managing their time well and sticking to the agenda, they successfully reach an agreement that benefits both parties.


      Negotiation skills training and digital negotiations are now essential in today’s business world; especially when it comes to Indian companies planning global expansion. Such businesses can navigate these complex virtual or remote conversations by preparing themselves, choosing appropriate platforms, ensuring clear communications, building relationships among themselves and managing time wisely till an agreement is reached between the two of them.

      Pragati Leadership offers exhaustive negotiation skills training programs for those looking to improve their negotiation skills. Pragati’s training programmes are designed for the digital age, giving you the best in guidance and insights to help you become an expert at digital negotiations and succeed in business.


      How should you prepare for a virtual negotiation differently from an in-person one?

      For a virtual negotiation, ensure you are familiar with the technology, test your equipment beforehand, have all documents ready for screen sharing, and prepare for potential technical issues.

      How can I create a strong digital presence for negotiations?

      Create a strong digital presence by using professional profiles, engaging content, consistent branding, and active participation on relevant platforms.

      How can I ensure clear communication in a virtual negotiation?

      Ensure clear communication in a virtual negotiation by using a stable internet connection, speaking clearly, actively listening, and confirming understanding through summaries and questions.