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Ranjan was slightly nervous since yesterday. His manager has called him for a meeting today. This was his first review meeting after his promotion as a Manager. He could not sleep well yesterday and reached office quite early. He was reviewing the current progress of the projects that he was handling so that he will have all the answers ready to his boss’s questions.

He was thinking about his journey. He came from a small town to Pune 5 years ago with just a degree. He struggled a lot to get this job. In many interviews, interviewers rejected him only because his English communication was not very good. Finally, this company gave him a chance. He joined as a Junior Executive and he started working hard. He was not only focusing on work, but was also working on his personal development. Soon he became popular within his team. His immediate senior was very happy with his performance. Every year boss gave him more and more responsibilities and Ranjan always proved his boss right by ably handling all the responsibilities. 3 months ago, he got promotion as a Manager. The phone ring interrupted his thoughts. His boss was calling him.

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After the initial greetings. His senior started speaking.

Tell me how you are finding your new role. Are you happy?

Ranjan said, yes sir I am very happy. I am getting to learn many new things.

That is very good Ranjan. You are a hardworking and sincere person. I would like to give you some tips to succeed in your role as a First Time Manager. These are from my own experience. As a First Time Manager, you must avoid these five mistakes.

1. Doing everything on your own. Now you are not just a solo performer. You have a team and you are responsible for your team’s assignments as w So, help them, guide them wherever required.

2. Being a micro manager. It is not good for you and your team if you get into every small details of assignments that your team is working on. Just trust your team and focus on the big picture

3. Making promises that you cannot keep. Sometimes in the excitement of new role as a First Time Manager, you might make promises of changing everything. Always remember that change takes place gradually and not suddenly.

4. Delaying the decisions. Sometimes you might feel that I am new in this role and if something goes wrong, it will not be good. Take time to understand and think but do not overthink and delay de This will raise a question mark on your decision-making ability.

5. Being rude and using your positional power. Few months ago, you were working as a colleague with your team members. So never, use your authority on them. Remember that your success is dependent on their success.

I am sure that you will remember these points. Ranjan thanked his boss and came out of the cabin. He was now feeling relieved. He made note of all the points in his diary and decided to avoid these mistakes to become a successful First Time Manager.