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Love is a mysterious and powerful force. It binds us together and can throw people apart.  When I think of my family, I feel very protective about them. It is natural. My love for my family is what will make me sit up and do something for them.  Without love, action comes with great reluctance and effort. Love does make things easy and meaningful. It is one emotion which we all resonate with. Love for one’s family, football team or nation is the same force.

But why don’t’ we feel a sense of love for people who are not in our circle of family, friends, neighbors or colleagues? Is it something which requires a special ability or a different level of understanding?  Maybe – but this is one quality I do see in many great leaders. It is a kind of universal love which goes beyond their immediate circle of family, friends etc. It goes beyond roles and positions. It allows them to bond with individuals as individuals and not titles. It brings to life the larger vision which the leader has. The ability of this universal love to connect and collaborate makes it a very powerful force.

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Why do many leaders do not comprehend or leverage the power of this universal love?  Is it the mental paradigm that leaders must focus relentlessly on goals, tasks and provide strategies to make this happen?  Or is it a discomfort which comes from the notion that caring or loving can create complacency in the organization? It could be both or many other personal ideologies and beliefs.

To be established in this universal love and to operate from this higher consciousness requires one to connect to a deeper understanding of the Self. Through the highest level of self-awareness only can dawn the deeper connect which can bring profound transformations in one self and others. The journey to this state of understanding is a valuable journey, leaders cannot ignore.

Author: Mr.Vikas Bhatia