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In a perfect world, everyone lives and works in harmony within teams and among various stakeholders. However, life is not simple and leaders are required to take action to keep teams and workplaces functioning smoothly and moving towards the right direction.

Leaders across the globe remember 2020 as a distinct year for several reasons but mostly for the unprecedented changes that occurred. Inflection moments can either break or make an organization and their leaders.

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These thoughtful moments matter deeply to modern-day leaders. If they can successfully navigate through these, leaders can “future-proof” success for several years and even decades in some instances. Therefore, the stakes are very high in getting it right during inflection moments.

While considering what organizations require to navigate and thrive in the uncertain future, leaders are more open and vulnerable. Often, they may realize that while they have been successful until now, the success may not be adequate to carry them through the next pivot. Inflection moments require leaders to simultaneously juggle across different horizons.

DIAL Framework

A leadership development program based on the DIAL framework can help participants do the following:

D: Dare to embrace the new direction in an authentic and distinctive manner

I: Ignite the organizational potential around the new direction

A: Align motivation of various external and internal stakeholders around this direction

L: Learn to learn as leaders along with their teams and stakeholders progress towards the new direction

Leadership coaching program

The four elements of the DIAL framework can support leaders as they face inflection moments. The key is to help leaders recognize these moments. Additionally, they need to comprehend how their response in inflection moments has to differ from their daily leadership and management styles. This urgency reiterates the need to invest in an effective leadership coaching program.


Two important conditions that impact the outcomes include training expectations and access to development opportunities. The first condition shows how participants perceive the coaching they are getting into. The second condition refers to participants’ perceived opportunities to be involved in leadership development within their organizations.

During and post-training

Relevant content is important for the positive outcomes. To ensure the leadership training program is effective, it must include industry-relevant examples and outline how participants may apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in their workplaces. Support from the top-level management also plays a crucial role in the effectiveness and outcome of the training program.

Informal peer reinforcement also impacts the results and coaches must formalize informal learning interactions while reinforcing training initiatives. Conducting post-training sessions where participants can discuss and debrief on how they are applying their newly acquired knowledge and skills should be encouraged.

Here’s how to elevate leadership in inflection moments


Not using these moments for professional and personal development means squandering a golden chance. Self-reflection during these times is important and requires courage. Fear of change, loss, and lack of desired results often hold back leaders but it is important to remember rewards come at a certain level of risk. Training can help overcome these fears while providing participants with an understanding of how to find opportunities in inflection moments.


Participants are encouraged to make plans with measurable objectives for the future. Trainers also procure commitment from the participants to visit these plans daily and get the earliest opportunity to make any required changes.

Purposeful pivot

Athletes are nimble and constantly work on their flexibility to achieve their best while preventing injuries. Similarly, organizations must always be prepared for what the future holds whether it is a pandemic, competition, or technical development. Acknowledging the new normal ensures companies stay nimble and ready to adapt to changes. Organizations that are early adopters have a competitive advantage and pivot purposefully to maximize inflection moments.

Leaders must recognize inflection moments as opportunities and not as threats. However, navigating through these moments will not work if key stakeholders are disengaged. Therefore, guided inflection journeys are powerful and provide leaders and their teams with strong processes, tools, and support to navigate through change and reach unprecedented heights. At inflection moments, realizing every individual’s potential and bringing everyone on the journey of change is critical. Seize the inflection moments and give your organization the chance to climb the next mountain on the path leading to growth and progress.