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A global study on leadership by Korn Ferry which takes in consideration the view of investors and experts on leadership of companies states that only 26% of business leaders are equipped to lead future businesses in India.

Such study shows the real challenge India is facing while training the next gen leaders. To move up in the business ladder, it is essential for an individual to develop leadership skills. Old and traditional way of training is no more going to build strong leaders who can empower the company and India.

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India spends less than 2% on leadership training and skills whereas developed countries spend 10 to 15 percent on leadership qualities. India shows a huge scope of growth in the leadership training in the coming 15 years.

To understand the leadership training scenario in India, let’s first comprehend the basics.


To run a successful firm it is important to have leaders in the team who directs and motivates the flow of action. Not every employee is blessed with in-born leadership qualities. Thus, the training that transforms an employee into a leader through learning and practising required skills is leadership training.


In a survey, 89% of executives said that the strengthening of the organizational leadership is top priority.[2]

Not every business stands on the path of success. The element that differentiates each firm is their leadership skills. These skills are essential for the organizational transformation of a successful business.

    Through effective leadership training, the productivity of the workforce increases as the leader directs the performance of the staff and assesses glitches by providing practical solutions.
    These leadership training aim at employee’s strengths. Leadership training develops confidence and emotional intelligence which helps them to become successful leaders.
    Throughout the training, employees are surrounded by level-headed and successful business leaders. They help them understand the importance of having a sound vision to become a successful leader. Leadership training also teaches them to communicate their vision confidently.
    A leader is someone who knows how to work in a team and how to build a strong team to complete the vision. Leadership training helps employees learn to influence people and motivate the team.

Businesses organize different leadership development programs for employees where they are offered clear trails that teach them managerial roles and are guided and mentored by existing leaders to enhance their abilities.


Studies show that US spends 160 billion USD for the training and development of leaders per year. And despite having 4 times more population, India spends less than 1 billion USD[2].

Why despite having 12 million employees annually India only has the capacity to train 3 million?

Despite having the maximum growth potential India is still lacking behind. Indian Government have taken appropriate steps such as “Skill India Project” to improve the skills and leadership quality of India. This project aims to train 500 million people by 2022.

Not only government but also corporate organizations are working to fuel the huge demand for leadership training in India. Already transforming at a great speed, the young talent and the next-gen leaders are surely about to quiver the world.


To cover the huge gap that India is facing, Pragati Leadership experts offer their skills and trainings to various individuals and organizations and transform next-gen leaders.

Through different leadership programs and courses, Pragati leadership experts are developing future leaders who help the organization escalate growth and sustainable development. Taking individuals to the next level in the professional arena, Pragati offers myriad training programs such as executive leadership, leading thy self, first time manager training, leading in VUCA world, leader of leaders and many more.