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I live with my octogenarian parents, and at 80 years old, they’re like children in every way; therefore the term the Newly Young.

The circle of life does come around for all of us!

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Observing the actions, behaviors, attitudes, and actions of Young kids and Elders has always been a great source of reflection and learning for me. And I continue to make mistakes and continue to unlearn and learn.

This, therefore, is an attempt to capture some of those moments frozen in time and share them through a series of write-ups 1 observation/lesson at a time.

Lesson from the Newly Young: Acceptance and Grace

I had the privilege to acquaint with a newly young gentleman, Mr. M aged 90.

My fond memories remember him as this quiet person with the most serene smile I’ve ever seen. His smile was consistent every time I met him. His energy could rival that of youngsters today, perhaps chasing his grandchildren around played a part.

This lovely soul moved on, after being diagnosed with throat cancer last year. I wish I’d made the effort and time to get to know him earlier.

Mr M is a great inspiration to me personally, at 90 with all the possible age related concerns he might have had, not to mention being diagnosed with the Big C; never once did I see him lose that serene smile. He had trouble speaking during his final days and yet he made an attempt to speak when I met him; little did I know back then; it’d be the last time I’d see him smile back at me.

Seems to me like our biggest challenge has always been to accept the way things are, the way our life is, the way our work is, the way people are etc etc.

This has become even more prominent today with our anxiety ridden lives worrying about the other Big C prevalent in the world today.

Our worries, fears, anxieties, troubles are always much bigger than anyone else’! Or so we think until we encounter someone like Mr M in my case.

Mr. M taught me Acceptance and Grace while dealing with what most of us would consider extremely difficult circumstances.

If we were to begin and end our day with positive energy driven by ONE positive thought of Gratitude, we’d see a marked difference in how we feel, behave, connect with each other and LIVE

I believe Einstein once said, ”Everything is Energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the Frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is NOT Philosophy, This is PHYSICS’!