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At a very fast pace, companies churn out FTM’s. Little do the employees know that though the sound of a new designation might sound nice, the title carries a lot more responsibility. It is not easy transforming oneself from an individual contributor to a team manager or leader. The new role differs in skills, competencies and more so the mindset and intellectual capability.

This journey might not be easy at the start. Over time, a FTM indefinitely becomes a competent leader. So how does one prepare for such a different and challenging role? Here are 5 tips to succeed as a FTM: –

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1.Physical and Mental Agility – In the initial stages, a FTM will face situations and dilemmas that are new. One needs to be proactive, motivated, adaptable, have a dexterous, alert and focused mind to manage distractions and conflicts. Having a clear intention and joyful action will help strengthen physically and mentally. Not to forget, taking frequent breaks like meditation, yoga and exercise helps strengthen the body and mind.

2.Relationship Management- This might sound very clichéd but it is one of the most essential parts of being a business leader. At all times, a FTM needs to know, care and value his/her stakeholders and not take them for granted.  The popular A-S-K (Attitude- Skills –Knowledge) model is applied here where a FTM needs to know, understand and apply the appropriate skillset to fulfill their stakeholder’s expectations. (The same should be extended to internal customers).

3.Let your Actions speak louder than Words- A FTM needs to envision the future and act fast. And in this volatile industry, how can one show success at a faster rate? These few habits more than skills will help a FTM–  listening first and taking the correct measure, prioritizing one’ life, accurate work delegation for a faster turnaround time and demonstrate emotional stability. In conclusion, be a Role Model and Empower others in full gusto!

4.Teamwork- To have a functional team, a FTM needs to start thinking like a ‘team’ manager. A FTM is now responsible for a team, which means that certain skills need to be followed to the T- collaborative approach on projects, receiving regular feedback and giving feedforward and encouraging team members. Instead of playing blame games, a FTM must encourage solidarity and solutioning instead of public criticism amongst the team. Communication is also crucial, otherwise things can go haywire.

5.Belief in self- Rome was not built in one day. The same way, if a FTM expects their team to change overnight, it won’t be plausible. A FTM needs to be patient and persevered in hard times, dedicated towards his/her vision and goals, courageous enough to take risks yet be quick-witted to handle setbacks. Overall, a FTM needs to be passionate and ultra-confident. One does not need to strive to be perfect. But one can strive to be excellent.

At the end, the most important thing to remember is-  not think, but be a Leader!