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Leadership is about creating new futures. This kind of leadership which arises out of the space of compassion and is about creating vision for the world is also known as Wholesome Leadership. This leadership takes care of all people, all the aspects of life- inner as well as outer aspects of life, and the environment.

Wholesome Leadership and Compassion:

Wholesome Leadership is all about Wholeness. The purpose of life is joy, creativity, health and to experience this we need to relax into the Wholeness of Life.  With uncertain times, we tend to ignore the inner potential of our ownself and move away from the Wholeness of Life…from the magnificent creative energy of life and this creates illusion. And Wholesome Leadership is about letting go of this illusion and coming back to the wholeness which is by default the situation of Compassion.

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Wholesome Leadership and the Mind:

Our mind plays an important role in identifying who we are but on the other hand it is also the one who creates a lot of other things that can create illusions. So, Wholesome leadership says….let go off this mind and come back to the zone of silence, infinite joy, and infinite compassion. Our mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master, so let it be in the purest form of life. Let the wholeness do everything for you as our mind is too complex.

At the heart of the wholesome leadership, it is all about awakening…it is about awakening yourself to who you really are and when you wake up to this, your vision expands, you care more for others, you become universally responsible, and become wholesome and more conscious about your visioning.

Letting go of our mind is like ‘Lord Krishna playing an Empty Flute’ where the flute represents pure heart, open heartedness. When Krishna plays the music, we don’t praise the flute but we praise Krishna for the way he played it. In the same manner, when you surrender to the wholeness you can have whatever you want. With this you find the right connections and in comes the peace and your ‘will’ becomes wholesome and you will be happy and satisfied in the wholeness of doing good for the society and everyone.

Wholesome Leadership and the Executives:

In today’s world the need of Wholesome Leadership felt the most among the executives. With time the conversations and the thought process has changed significantly; their conversations are different and are now thinking about wholesome well-being. And, this is where the Wholesome Leader or the Wholesome Leadership plays a crucial role. The current situations have made them re-think about their life and also focussing on ‘what is the purpose of their business or why are they here in this role.

Eventually, they all are looking for a happy life. And Wholesome Leadership is a slow process of purification, purifying you of judgements and identification with certain communities. A Wholesome Leader/ Executive when becomes aware of the wholeness of life or about the inner potential, he/ she is like a ‘Joker in the pack of Cards’…who doesn’t belong to any suite and yet can play the role of ‘anything and everything’ in an instant. It is like a Leader who knows nothing inside and yet can take on any role that life wants them to take on. He/ she becomes the ‘Heart of the Organization.

So, to summarise what Wholesome Leadership unlocks is like slowly dissolving the Ego and coming back to Wholeness. It is about coming back to ‘oneness and peace’. And this Wholeness is achieved when you are compassionate, compassionate about working for the larger good and it should at first begin with ownself which will lead to unconditional OKness. And this OKness will further lead to compassion for other people and the environment.