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Leadership is about making change happen. A simple definition. What is this change about however? Change is always in the context of what you lead. For Business Leaders, change is usually about building the business, larger revenues, customer base and engaged employees.

Wholesome Leadership is a new way of looking at Leadership that enlarges the scope of stakeholders from the standard ones of Shareholders, employees etc to one in which Nature, the Planet and indeed all of Life are our stakeholders. Operating out of this paradigm, means that the desired positive change is change for all the stakeholders. Operating out of the paradigm of Wholesome Leadership has a lot of positive impact for the organization you work in.

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Some of these benefits are:

Caring for all stake-holders as key business decisions are taken.

The framework of Wholesome Leadership brings out the following as key stakeholders

  • Self
  • Team
  • Organization
  • Communities
  • Planet

 Business may be making profits, the ecological footprints of the business may have a huge negative impact. That becomes short-sighted thinking when we don’t care or don’t attend to the future. Taking care of all stake-holders (the ones you have a voice and ones that don’t) ensures that our business will be sustainable for now and for future generations since we are ensuring that what it takes to live and thrive is being attended to.

Creating a joyful and engaging environment at work.  

We spend nearly 70% of our lifetime at work. This work happens in organizations and with people. Leaders define the culture and working environment. When Wholesome Leaders are created, they operate out of a sense of ease, joy and a desire to enable success for others. This energy from the Leader creates a joyful and engaging work environment in which teams are most productive. It is well researched that a non-threatening work environment enables the best to come out of a person since they are not on guard. They work out of ease and a desire to excel born out of their own volition.

Catalysing collective evolution.

Beyond creating an engaging work environment, Leaders also catalyze the evolution and growth of their teams. They recognize that their role is not merely getting performance but to enable the living out of the full potential of their teams. They therefore invest time in understanding the hopes and aspirations of their teams and encouraging them to work for that. They also spend time with individual team members coaching, guiding and mentoring them. They get their teams to see themselves as unlimited awareness and operate from that space.