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Strategic leadership is an Dynamic style of leadership but one that does not come without a host of challenges.

Strategic leadership is all about visualising, planning, leading, and making the best out of existing resources to execute strategies efficiently and successfully. Strategic leaders need to combine their plans with their management style and bring the organisational vision to life. However, there are certain organisational challenges that a strategic leader has to overcome. Here are five of the major ones:

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Rigid People:

In an ideal world, the workplace is where everybody looks forward to working together as a cohesive unit and helping contribute to the success of the organisation. Unfortunately, the real world works differently and there is often an individual or two in the workplace who is unwilling or unable to do a competent job. Such people often slow down the speed of goal achievement.

Culture Issues:

Organisational culture expresses goals through values & beliefs and guides activity through shared assumptions and group norms. Negative cultures in the organisation can particularly affect strategic leadership as initiatives are actively undermined by managers who have a stake in the old culture or struggle to accept the changes inherent in the modern workplace. Whether it’s through manipulation or complacency, negative cultures can create significant challenges for change.


It’s one thing when you make efforts to motivate your team, it’s completely another doing it when you are struggling to find some motivation yourself. As a leader, you can sometimes feel demotivated to lead a project; It happens to even the best of us. The reasons can be internal or external. But you have to remember that as a leader, you’re expected to be the source of motivation, the driving force that your team looks up to.

Managing All Stakeholders:

One of the major leadership challenges is to maintain relationships, politics, and self image in the work environment. This includes gaining managerial support, managing up, influencing others, and getting buy-in from other departments, groups, or individuals.

Lack of Innovation & Creativity:

Innovation is often seen as a disruption of the way things work. A rigid and traditional management model can be one of the reasons leaders face challenges in innovation and creativity. Introducing change while keeping a business profitable is a tightrope and creates lots of challenges. Even if the company is willing to embrace and invest in new ideas, what good is it if the majority of the organization isn’t able to bring such ideas forward?

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