Leadership has many dimensions.

We work with you on each one.

Strategic Leadership

Pragati Leadership enables leaders to visualize, plan, lead, and use available resources to devise and implement strategies successfully.

We are often tasked with helping develop a growth mindset that equips leaders to stay ahead in rapidly evolving market conditions and intense competition. Our work in Strategic Leadership development also encompasses defining the vision, mission, and values of the organization, and catalyzing collaboration and alignment across levels and functions. The Wholesome Leadership paradigm that underpins all our strategic leadership interventions enables leaders to deliver breakthrough results in Purpose, People, Planet, and Profit.


We deliver learning interventions that build unified and aligned high performance teams focused on achieving common goals. This ensures that different teams, individuals, functions, or locations are not working in silos, but rather are collaborating to achieve key business priorities.

Growth Strategy

For organizations to achieve growth targets, leaders must provide strategic direction and energize colleagues to work towards goals. Our learning and development interventions enable leaders to do this effectively, in the context of market and competitor intelligence.

Culture Transformation

There are certain points in the journey of an organization when a cultural transformation of people is needed in order to re-align with the vision, purpose, and core values and achieve strategic objectives. Pragati Leadership interventions can co-create or revisit the vision, mission, and values, and ensure that colleagues across levels are aligned to these. Organizations also task us with creating a specific culture, such as a culture of coaching, diversity, inclusion, etc.

Inspirational Leadership

Leaders that inspire and motivate their teams are great assets to their organizations. Our interventions in this area empower participants to develop the style, communication, executive presence, and emotional intelligence to truly inspire others.

We offer a program to develop Wholesome Leaders, who work in the best interest of the business, employees, and the planet. We also have a special development journey for women leaders.

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