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Powerful leaders are the true assets of a company. Their far-sighted vision, smart strategies and mentorship drive real results. No matter how rough the terrain is with strong leadership qualities like’s analytical skills, reliability, integrity, and crisis management etc organizations can overcome all hurdles.

In the VUCA times, the role of leaders has become a lot more critical for a company’s sustained growth. For this, focusing on hiring new talent from outside is not enough. Training and developing your executives by implementing strategic leadership program schemes too can help spot a true leader from within the organization.

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The hunt for the right future leader should be a perpetual process. And, one of the effective ways to identify your future leader is to conduct leadership games and activities. 

These fun engagements can be helpful in finding a particular skill set which could include mental sharpness, decision-making, organizing abilities, strategic planning and more.

Enlisted below are some leadership games & activities that successful organizations conduct as part of their skill empowerment programs and can help you find your next captain!

Games & Activities to Spot Your Budding Leader

# Building the tallest tower

In this game, you need to make teams of 5 to 6 members each and ask them to make towers of books or boxes. The team that builds the tallest tower that could balance a lightweight object over it like an empty glass or a chocolate bar in less time is the winner. 

The game involves problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration in the team. Now, these are important traits of a leader.

# Maneuvering through the minefield

Make two teams of 2 members each. Create an obstacle course around the office which is different for each team. Now blindfold one member of a team and let the other member will try to guide him by shouting out directions. The obstacles could be chairs or stools. The team that reaches the destination in the shortest time is the winner.

This game emphasizes the importance of communication, coordination and problemsolving.

# Treasure hunting

Based on the classic treasure hunt or scavenger hunt, this popular game is also used in inspirational leadership training programs by professional mentors. Here you can make 5 to 8 teams of a few members each. Use office supplies as treasures and hide them in different places. Each team must prepare a list of hidden objects and hand it over to the opposition team. The team that finds all the hidden stuff in the least amount of time is declared the winner.

This game tests teamwork spirit and patience.

# Spotting the difference

For this, you need two teams at a time. Allow the participants of each team to stand in a line, facing towards the members of the other team. Give one minute to everyone to observe the opposition.

Next, ask the teams to face the other way, and let each member make some changes in themselves. It could be something like folding the sleeves, putting on glasses, taking off wrist watch etc. Once the changes are complete, both teams should stand facing each other and spot the change in their opposition. The team spotting the most differences wins the game.

This game helps identify members with an eye for detail and sharp memory.

# Catch Phrase

This game has become so popular that we can even find an electronic version of it. In this fun activity, the team members are asked to describe a word or phrase without speaking about it. Each team sends its member to enact the given word or phrase which could include celebrities, expressions or even objects. The rest of the team has to guess the word.

A great team-building activity and even a part of best CEO training programs, it revolves around effective communication, creative thinking and team dynamics.

# Magazine story

Create teams of 3 to 6 members and give each team the task of building an imaginary magazine cover story about a successful project/business achievement. Allow them to come up with suitable images, headlines, quotes, etc. They can either do it with paper and pens or use templates for the same. The team with the most compelling cover story wins the game.

It’s an excellent way to gauge people with creative ideas and innovative approaches.


Becoming a successful leader is tough but finding one is tougher. However, you can make this challenging task enjoyable through interesting games and activities. Try the above games and activities at your workplace to keep your employees positively engaged and in the process find your number one manager in the making!

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