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Negotiation is a surviving skill in every phase of life. Be it shopping or working – understanding the science behind negotiation is really necessary. In this competitive era, skills and hard-work are incomplete if you don’t ace the negotiation skills. It all depends on who closes the deal. Today the definition of success also depends on smooth negotiation skills. Be it an individual or a business organization, the transformation into a successful business player depends on the basic communication and negotiation skills.

So, what are the important aspects to winning the deal? How to close a deal at a win-win situation?

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Well, keep your dilemmas aside. Through detailed research and careful study, we at Pragati Leadership – a top leadership development programs and executive coaching institute in India, present to you a few points that can help you improve your negotiation skills.

Listen Carefully. Discuss Wisely.

A common mistake that we all do is we don’t listen carefully. We listen to reply. Rather, we should listen carefully and understand the perspective of the other person. Also, if you think negotiation is all about selling then you are wrong. Negotiation needs to be a discussion to achieve a win-win outcome. Communicating with direct and straightforward lines – can turn-off a good opportunity. Rather ask them how you can help them in a proposed offer.

Always keep the discussion open-ended and be forthcoming so that you can negotiate the deservedly amount.

Take Your Time

There are times when we reply back immediately without thinking thoroughly and regret later.
Even in our daily life, there are instances where we take our time to invest in a product. We take a break and think thoroughly from all aspects. Similar is the concept with negotiating. When negotiating, it’s not obligatory to announce the decision right away. Take a break to collect your own thoughts. Reconsider your decision from all aspects without closing any deal.

Always remember that it’s okay to take a break and reply back after some time.

Prepare Meticulously

Don’t underestimate the power of thorough research. Reading and researching will help you avoid unnecessary concessions and adverse deals. Create a list of points that you need to make sure while negotiating. Also, when you attend any meeting be prepared with the best alternative options – always look prepared. Make sure to do your homework, research and prepare yourself.

Build Better Relationships

We cannot forget that this is a digital era. We are collaborating leaving behind the geographical barrier. So, acing both the approaches to connect digitally and face-to-face is important. But, what is the difference? Connecting face-to-face helps you build a trust level effortlessly. But, studies show that when we connect digitally we share less information and thus, trust is not built. Don’t make such mistake and rather keep in mind to build a bond.

Professional Help

Asking for help is never a bad idea. Go for formal leadership training programs and learn the best techniques to ace the art of negotiation. Understand the tips to negotiate on-line and off-line. Excel at implementing the techniques by learning from experienced leaders. Practice a lot. Research a lot. Sure you will make mistakes but that’s how you will excel at the skill. Learn to negotiate so that the ball is always in your court!