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Building a coaching culture in the workplace puts it in a better position to grow and nurture talent. But what exactly is a “coaching culture,” and how can leaders make this part of their everyday environment especially during the time of COVID-19?

A coaching culture simply means supporting your employees so that they learn new skills and become greater assets to the company. A management culture that emphasizes training, regular feedback, and opportunities for growth creates a more engaged and energized workforce. It’s the key to helping your organization overcome the challenges that came with COVID and help in its transition to new ways of working through and beyond the pandemic. If you’re to adapt and transition properly, you need to do this now. It is important to note that before trying to embed coaching in your culture, start by integrating coaching into your leadership and talent development framework. Embed coaching in some of your executive leadership program for targeted populations, like high potentials, senior managers, and senior experts. It’s the equivalent of learning how to walk before you run. It also exposes your organization to a critical mass of adopters.

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As if 2020 was not challenging enough, the second pandemic wave has come with a greater vengeance crashing global health infrastructure and economies underneath. Marginally excluding the essential service sectors, It has naturally not been kind to businesses either. In this new and dramatically changed world, It’s time both, businesses and individuals, reposition themselves and reinvent their stance towards survival & growth.  The disruptive conditions of the pandemic mean that old rules and ways of working, leading, and managing are no longer relevant.

The 3 qualities that need to be cultivated

The three pillars that will uphold the post-pandemic organization are resilience, adaptability, and sustainability. These pillars depend on each other to ensure long-term organizational stability and success. However, these qualities will not emerge or evolve naturally, they will need to be taught by corporate trainers at an organizational, and individual level.

1. Resilience

Organizations need to take the time and effort to develop resilience into working practices, systems and to help their staff develop resilience skills. Managers should discover better approaches for getting more power, choice, and responsibility in the hands of their people.

2. Adaptability

Being able to adjust to new and emerging conditions has always been a key component of success, and adaptability applies both to organizational systems and processes as well as individuals. 

3. Sustainability

For organizations, sustainability means having effective leadership and management practices that are values-led and which demonstrate care and consideration for employees, customers, and the wider system or environment.

Coaching culture will help nurture these qualities

As work from home becomes more mainstream and administration becomes further decentralized, management will need to find ways of placing power, choice, and responsibility into the hands of employees. While some may be able to embrace the change and respond well, others may struggle. The only way to strike a balance is through coaching culture.

Think of coaching as the adhesive that holds the three pillars of resilience, adaptability, and sustainability together keeping them from falling. A coaching culture, where individuals realize how to mentor and how to be trained, is at the core of building a pandemic-proof organization. This would mean not only continuing to develop leadership and management practices that empower staff, unlock talent, encourage self-reliance and develop personal responsibility but introducing and developing coaching as a core skill and mindset.

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