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In my brief vacations from conducting leadership development programs and sometimes even as a part of it, I have travelled several tourist destinations in India and across the globe mostly with tourist groups. Time and again I have noticed during these trips, that many of my fellow tourists on reaching a destination will immediately ask the Leader – where do we go next? I realized that achieving Goals is like reaching a Destination. Once you reach one, you start planning for the next. This continuous quest of what next, while is useful to keep moving on, many times comes in the way of taking a pause and soaking in the beauty of where you are and what you have. I realized the same formula is applicable to the leadership training programs I conduct in the corporate world.

Reaching the Goals can make life meaningful but it is the quality of the journey that can make it joyful.

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If being joyful itself is life’s Goal, then the journey becomes of primary importance and the Goals we set are mere mechanisms to make the journey meaningful. This is the reason why Living in the Now is such an important ingredient in the recipe of joyful living. When you are perpetually living in the present moment and giving it your very best, amazing level of focus and productivity will result with sustained practice. The resultant sense of achievement itself is the reward which keeps our intrinsic levels of motivation on the rise. You then slowly cease to look outward for a pat on the back as the source that motivates you.

So, as a Leader, if you want a formula for being highly productive and joyful, start enjoying the task you are doing at every moment and give it your very best. Success is guaranteed!

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