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Worldwide, companies are increasingly meeting diversity benchmarks across various industries. However, women are still underrepresented in leadership roles. Women need to break the glass ceiling and equip themselves with the abilities, competencies, and skills needed to confront the unique challenges faced by them. A women leadership program can help females achieve this.

What is a women’s leadership program?

Companies that have a robust pipeline of diverse talent can outperform competitors. Women’s leadership training helps organizations build this pipeline by enabling females to become effective leaders within their companies.

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The program is designed to help women professionals develop the skills required to assume leadership roles and advance in their careers.

Program objectives

The program objective is to assist mid to senior-level women managers and leaders facing modern-day business challenges. The training sessions comprise effective tools to develop these skills. Additionally, the program includes group discussions, self-assessments, and working in teams along with individual sessions aimed to introduce the participants to advanced leadership concepts.

Program concepts

  • What is leadership? Leadership versus managing and why smart leaders fail
  • Self-assessment to create a personal positioning statement
  • Identify unique strengths and build a value proposition
  • Managing visibility – building leadership brand and image, self-promotion
  • Increasing contribution and strategic focus
  • Understand different communication styles
  • Presentation tools and techniques and persuasion methods
  • Recognizing power structures and having the courage to assume risks
  • Developing productive relationships
  • Negotiation skills – understanding goals, interests, and priorities of all parties, pre-negotiation prep, and value creation
  • Managing cultural and bias differences, handling irrational people, and increasing bargaining power
  • Improving communication skills, making the right offer at the appropriate time, and transforming competition into cooperation
  • Identify reasons that create difficult conversations, create learning conversations, and lead others
  • Creating supportive networks for female leaders and managers
  • Emotional intelligence – awareness of one’s own emotions, using EI skills to resolve problems, and helping others develop higher EI

Benefits of women leadership training

At the end of the program, each participant will:

  • Create their own action plan and career roadmap
  • Build an empowering and unique leadership vision
  • Develop resilience in the face of challenges and changes
  • Enhance influence and create impact with charisma, presence, and power
  • Become a key player in improving inclusivity and positivity within the organization
  • Understand their unique contribution as a value-driven leader

Organizations that invest in women’s leadership training can gain from the following:

  • Build a cohort of inspirational and talented women leaders who are ready for promotion
  • Encourage female leaders to reach their optimal performance
  • Create a strong pipeline for future diversified senior teams
  • Retain talented female personnel and save the enormous cost of talent brain drain
  • Be seen as an inclusive organization thereby attracting top talent

Program methodology

The training focuses on actionable takeaways that enable participants to empower their team members, grow their companies, and advance in their professional careers. Using group discussions and exercises, participants will develop important skills, such as leadership style, problem-solving and strategic thinking, and creating and leveraging different perspectives and perceptions.

Role plays and simulation exercises prepare the participants to deal with challenges and find effective solutions, which can be implemented in their daily tasks. Coaching also focuses on addressing workplace obstacles and unforeseen challenges that participants may face while implementing their learnings in the office.

Video sessions are used to impart important leadership skills. Discussions, assessments, peer feedback, and team learning activities are employed during the training sessions to make the entire program highly engaging, interactive, and practical.

These programs use powerful assessments and feedback to delve into issues and perceptions related to women’s leadership and work experiences. The program enables participants to work across boundaries, increase their focus, and work towards achieving organizational goals and strategies. Greater self-awareness and self-confidence help participants to understand challenges and find potential solutions. Participants learn to build and maintain productive relationships within the organization to reduce conflicts and improve performance.

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