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Communication has always been at the core of human society to the extent that there would be no relationships without communication. Without language, human society itself would cease to exist. Human beings are innately social animals, and how we connect with one another defines us – right from our development as children to our relationships as adults. Human communication is complex, it transcends beyond sounds & words to include bodily gestures and facial expressions as well. In fact, researchers at Ohio State University have found that humans can make 21 different facial expressions – the 6 basic emotions being happy, sad, fearful, angry, disgusted, and surprised. Our ability to communicate enriches our lives and makes it much more meaningful. So if communication is a natural & inherent trait of humans, what is the need for communication skills training?

Well, to begin with, communication is so much more than just a basic ability to give and take essential information. It is what sets us apart from each other and forms the basis of our personalities. Let me ask you this – what do politicians, actors & motivational speakers share in common – they are great communicators – which is also why they attract a huge fan following. I mean, how many quiet leaders do you know. In business, communication may mean the difference between losing and winning a client. It is the first criterion for hiring someone and the last part of salary negotiation. Even within departments, there is a need for effective communication at every level. It will be safe to say that communication forms the core of every business.

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Ok, so why should companies invest in training their employees with communication skills?

Communication skills training most of the time comes as a part of leadership programs in India instead of buying a separate module. Company-wide communications training given by certified corporate trainers can truly transform an organization at several levels, but here are three of the biggest outcomes:

  • Clearer business communication – Communication skills in business are a little different from your everyday communication. It is critical to the growth of an organization to understand a potential customer and empathize with the existing one. A winning business script involves the use of jargon, phrases, and expressions delivered using an apt body language. Every employee of your company (especially those at the front desk) is a representative of your company – they need to be presentable and responsible. This also includes written communication where writing letters and emails to the client or customer may either close a deal or open a dispute! This is more true today than ever as we head to a digital era where there is less physical contact, staggered working resources and most of the communication takes place virtually & textually. Remember, spoken words are like arrows, once sent can never be retrieved back – it wouldn’t hurt to use them carefully!
  • Improved workplace environment – In between the good mornings and the goodbyes, employees in any organization spend much of their time communicating with each other. People love to work for organizations where open and clear communication is encouraged even though communication may not be their personal best feature. While the purpose of communication skills training vis-à-vis leadership training is not to change the innate quality of a person – it can surely make subtle to major improvements in the existing one. It can promote healthy work relations and develop attributes such as empathy, listening to others, usage of the right words, body language & expressions while talking to your co-worker, manager and your client. At a granular level, it also includes writing formal emails, social etiquettes, etc. These fundamental changes create a better and more productive workplace environment.
  • Better Decision Making – Decision making is one of the most important aspects of any business or organization. Training in communication skills plays an important role as it helps leaders as well as followers express their opinions and take decisions collectively, in a participative manner. When you are able to understand your client and make them understand you in a clear and concise manner, you are actually setting the groundwork for a transparent work environment. This way, you are able to set expectations right at the beginning of your deal.

There is no doubt about the importance of communication skills training, not just for business but also in your daily interactions. At Pragati leadership, we take communication to perfection by covering all the aspects of business communication.