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Can we imagine a world without women? Certainly not.

If women represent half of the society then why not give them the share of credit they deserve? Time and again women have proved themselves to be great leaders, thinkers and healers. Their remarkable contributions to different fields are simply commendable.

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It’s Women’s Day once again, a time to celebrate womanhood and also a moment to reflect the status of women in our set ups.  Can we earnestly agree that we are a progressive state where women enjoy same freedom and opportunities as their counterparts?

Well, the theme of International Women’s Day 2021- #ChooseToChallenge is a clear indicator of where we stand. It’s a reminder that we need not accept the status quo anymore, instead, strive for change; a change that steers us forward – as individuals, and as a society. It’s a time to give ourselves a nudge to ask some uncomfortable questions and challenge the discriminatory practices and stereotype mentalities that breed gender inequalities and exclusion of women.

Can we ever forget the surprises that pandemic brought in its wake last year, 2020? Amidst all the chaos it was the grit, determination and agility of women leaders that became the savior ground for scores of businesses. Be it Kirna Mazumdar Shaw, Suneeta Reddy or zia Modi, the common thing amongst all the top business leaders is the grit to stay strong even when the tide is against.

Promoting Women leadership is what we need today to make our economic and social structure more dynamic and successful. Initiatives like more awareness about women potentials, women leadership program, countering gender biases in job roles and pay structures etc can be instrumental in bringing the desired change.

Reinforcing women’s role as leaders

Whether it’s the boardroom, the senate floor or the podium, women leaders are conquering every frontier. Truly, a lot has changed over the years; women today are arguably better placed than what they were in the past decade.

As women are surging ahead in different fields, it’s a landmark moment to witness their indomitable spirit and quest not only to assume positions of power but to exert influence on the on key decisions that shape our social and economic fate.

Innumerable articles, studies and even leadership training programs link women management qualities with traits of powerful leaders. Women are hard-wired to be influential mentors that can bring tremendous results even when the going is tough. Building mutual understanding, sharing common vision and guiding through inspiration comes easily to them. Their natural instincts like empathetic attitude, patient listening, collaborative and negotiating skills are their strong holds that make things happen.

Multitudes of business organizations are fortunately waking up to the need of diverse workforce with good representation of women onboard. Conscious efforts are being taken to address gender inclusivity and to build a women-friendly workplace. The initiatives in this direction include creating policies fostering an inclusive work culture, sponsoring women for senior positions, organizing women leadership development program, providing structural support to move women up the talent pipeline and more.

Miles Still to Cover…..

Despite all the affirmative changes, there remains a gap that keeps women from coming to the forefront. Ingrained stereotyped thoughts that consider females not fit for high stake positions or men as better fetchers act as deterrents. Besides, personal and familial challenges too hold them back from becoming go-getters. These pressing issues call for a greater thrust towards breaking myths, redefining women roles, making them realize their real worth and ultimately, breaking the glass ceiling.