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Management Development

Achieving organizational goals requires employees across functions and hierarchies to manage a variety of operations well, time and again.

Pragati Leadership’s Management Development interventions make this possible by empowering participants to manage their teams and fulfil their responsibilities.

People Management

Pragati Leadership empowers managers to create engaged, high-performance teams, and overcome people-related challenges. Our interventions are tailored for different levels of responsibility – from first-time leaders to senior managers. Participants learn how to motivate their teams, build on each individual’s strengths, delegate effectively, and manage multiple stakeholders.

Competency-based Trainings

Pragati Leadership offers an intensive and focused program that equips participants with specific competencies. Some of our competency-based programs include – how to navigate change, negotiate effectively, communicate effectively in business, manage conflict, and have time management skills, among others.

Execution Excellence

Our Execution Excellence interventions empower managers to achieve strategic goals through the discipline of execution. We aid leaders to deliver results in a systematic manner, direct team efforts to the most effective activities, communicate results transparently, make an appropriate course corrections, and promote mutual accountability. Our customized solutions prepare managers to cope with a VUCA world and handle change confidently.

Self Awareness

Becoming a successful leader requires a high degree of self-awareness. Our interventions guide you to be able to manage your stress, make better decisions, and eventually lead others to do the same. This takes a good understanding of your own values, personality, needs, habits, and emotions, and how these affect your actions and the behaviors of others.

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