Managing in tune with the creative intelligence of life

Despite life on earth having thrived for nearly 3.8 billion years without man, humans live and works under the illusion they are the masters of the Earth, and that they manage everything! This fallacious core assumption is based on a fictitious self (or ego) which is supposedly “in charge” of our life . We carry in our mind the mental model of cause and effect- of doer-ship and agency.

This deeply entrenched and erroneous belief, keeps us cut off from the larger intelligence that runs all of life.If we would tune into this intelligence, we would tap into our intuition, liberate our talents and energy , and take conscious decisions that enable us to joyfully thrive in the short term and also over the long term.

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  • 28 Jan 2021
  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Module I: The Foundations of UnManagement

  • The roots of our current crisis and Man’s Hubris
  • The severe limitation of the human perceptual scheme
  • The consequences of working from the ego
  • Deconstructing the false self
  • What does UnManagement mean?

Module II: The Practice of UnManagement

  • How does one practice UnManagement?
  • How does one abide in the Creative Intelligence of life?
  • The four tools : Presence/Mindfulness, Appreciation, Gratitude and Enthusiasm
  • Linking Un-management to the practical issues of day to day leadership and management
  • Break through the fallacy and limitations of our existing ego based paradigm of doership and management;
  • Enjoy the benefits of working in tune with the creative intelligence of life ; and
  • Give participants four simple tools to stay in touch with the heart of creative intelligence and un-manage with ease and grace so that all stakeholders and the eco-system thrives.

180 Minutes workshop


Founder Director, Chief Mentor Consultant, Coach and Facilitator

Arun is adept at facilitating Leadership Development, Organizational Transformation, Inclusive HR Operations and Practices, Corporate Ethics and Ethics in Public Governance, Creative Thinking and Thought Leadership, Training of Trainers, Developing Coaches and Facilitators etc.

Mid and Senior Level Managers.