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Leadership Transformation Journey - Pragati Leadership

Business Context

Leaders are the torchbearers of any company so, developing their capabilities is imperative in changing times. While the team learns new skills and adapts, it becomes the prerogative of every leader to walk the talk along with the team.

Our client faced the challenge of developing leadership capabilities among senior leaders.


  • Learning to expand the vision and developing decision making skills.
  • Understand the whole contextual and strategic essence of business including innovation and culture.
  • Managing diverse thought perspectives and cutting across communication barriers/overcoming biases (like the 3Gs – Gender, Generation and Geography).


Step 1 - Interacting with leaders:

We interacted with the leaders to mine specific business challenges, developed case studies, and gathered data.

Step 2 - Development Journey:

The journey encompassing leadership development consisted of live facilitator-led virtual modules.

Success story

Module 1

Managing diverse thought perspectives.

Module 2

Decision making.

Module 3

Communicating to win.

We catalysed the transformational journey in the following manner:

  1. Participants were put into peer cohorts with the internal leader as a mentor.
  2. Senior leaders of the organization were invited to conduct certain sessions during the journey.
  3. At the end of the journey, participants were asked to write a “Letter to Myself”, their Best Self.
  4. An online Graduation Ceremony was conducted.
  5. Unique editable PDF Learning Workbooks were created for this journey.

The Impact was felt in the following manner:

  1. Participants experienced high-value learning because the intervention was customized, and the learning process was engaging.
  2. Capabilities identified in the beginning were developed.
  3. Participants bonded as a team since they worked in cohorts and senior leaders were involved in this transformational journey.
  4. The learning design and facilitation skills of the participants were enhanced in the process.
  5. The involvement of senior leaders in the inaugural, learning, and valedictory sessions reinforced the importance of this program among the participants.
  6. The practice to pause, meditate, and be mindful taught them to stay calm and gave them an opportunity to reflect, introspect and learn infinitely.

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