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Wholesome Leadership is a paradigm of leading which is based on an integrated, total and wholistic view of all situations.

Operating from this paradigm has a lot of benefits for our team, organizations and society at large. The biggest benefit however is reserved for the Wholesome Leader.

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Here are 3 benefits that they experience in their personal and professional lives:

1. Inner Transformation

Inner Transformation refers to a shift in the way that a person seeing themselves and therefore their relationship with the world.

It’s not merely a change of perspective. It’s a radical restructuring of one’s mental models.

We start by examining our deepest beliefs, values and assumptions. Most of us tend to run on an auto-pilot rather than a conscious choice.

We can use an analogy of working with the roots of a tree rather than trying to change the flowers! Working at a deeper level helps us to reach directly to the deepest level of consciousness. This helps the outer world of our thoughts, words and actions to be transformed. In the process, personal unblocking also happens.

We start shedding our illusions, limiting beliefs, and sense of deficiency which block our full glory.

We awaken to who we truly are. Once this process of Inner Transformation awakens in us, we experience

  • Joy and Ease
  • Humility
  • Openness to Life
  • Being in a sense of FLOW

2. Professional Excellence

Being a Wholesome Leader is about bringing in excellence in your professional Life. How does that happen? Excellence is a state of mind before it becomes a way of life. When the state of mind is calm, uncluttered, unblocked- it can objectively look at the external situation, our behaviours, and what needs to change. The Wholesome Leader operates with no bias or prejudice and therefore it’s easy for them to reach out to others and collaborate.

This helps in work execution. There is often a fear that if you are peaceful and calm, you become passive and not interested in performance excellence. This is a myth. Being calm and peaceful helps in working with an uncluttered mind and with greater focus. The zeal for being an excellent professional gets enhanced (not reduced) due to having a wholesome orientation.

The Leader is always interested in doing better what they do each day. They do this without attachment but with dedication. This enables the excellence quotient to be higher for them.

3. Life Satisfaction

Since Wholesome Leadership is about jigging the cookie-cutter paradigms of life and work, a Wholesome Leader has a very different set of expectations from life.

They work from joy and happiness, not for joy and happiness. They recognise that the life they are leading is the life they have created and are continuously creating.

Therefore, life and work can’t be anything but satisfying and inspiring. Due to examination of their beliefs, assumptions, and values, they are clear about what really gets joy vs needs.  Life for them becomes an ongoing adventure since they are open to possibilities and accept whatever comes their way. This shift in their consciousness brings tremendous acceptance and gratitude for life.

Life therefore becomes more interesting and satisfying.