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During the last 25 years of my career, I have been privileged to be in the role of CEO on multiple occasions for small and medium sized enterprises. These roles were challenging and rewarding. They enriched my learning as a Leader and provided opportunities to contribute significantly to the success of these Organizations.

During this Leadership journey, I have come across several Leadership models and have also attended Leadership development programs. One executive leadership program that has impressed and impacted me significantly as a CEO is Wholesome Leadership.

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Wholesome Leadership provided me the paradigm that taught me a balanced and multi-faceted approach to everything I did as a Leader – Strategy definition, Decision Making, Caring for People, Caring for Society, Caring for Environment and many more.

It also channelized my thoughts and actions to the foundational qualities that a Wholesome Leader needs to focus on like Awareness, Mindfulness, Creativity and Compassion. These serve you in all times – the good and the bad ones as well.

The Wholesome Leadership Program also provided a number of specific practices for me to work on, to be on the journey of development of these qualities. The dialogue and discussions with other CXO participants were also very rewarding in terms of the diverse perspectives they brought in.

On the whole, Wholesome Leadership has provided me with a model that has acted as the foundation for me as a Leader and also one on which I could superimpose other models and leadership competencies without compromising the original beauty.